DON’T buy a Macaw!!! Unless… || Mikey The Macaw

DON’T buy a Macaw!!! Unless… || Mikey The Macaw

“Don’t buy a macaw!! Unless”, is a video we felt we had to make which shows some of the real things about owning a macaw or parrot that aren’t as cute or adorable as most bird videos. We just had so many messages and comments from people wanting to buy a bird like Mikey and people that actually have bought macaws after watching our videos. We felt we should let you know the real commitment of it all. There is a few “don’t buy a bird until you watch this” videos out there which are probably a bit more informative or show a different side of the commitment, this was just our take on this and our experience with Mikey which we understand may not be the same for other bird parents but enjoy!

This video will cover

Cost 1:07
Adopt don’t shop 1:45
NOISE 2:32
Housing 3:30
Time and commitment 4:39
Food 6:08
Destruction 6:41
Don’t clip 7:59

We do love making fun creative videos to make you smile so we do apologise if this is not what you expected but we did our best to get the point across without being too serious and this was our first “talking to the camera” video yet, scary stuff, if you liked it we can do more, or we can just stick with the narrated/music/silly style.

We do apologies that we don’t upload much, we are just too busy spending time with Mikey to film all the time haha, but, LET US KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE NEXT, we will do our best to deliver.

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All additional images were found on google apart from the epic outdoor aviary which is the beautiful home of Adventures of Marley and Kai

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  1. Just seen this pop up in my You Tube feed but, i’m really pleased that you have dissuaded others from getting parrot. From one parrot owner to another, I can see mikey has been trained, had lots of time and love lavished on him and what you see on the videos is the results of this.

    Keep doing the vids, keep educating. Thank you

  2. I have experience with birds and I’m hoping to get a 25 year old macaw in a few years after we get more money.(we just adopted a cockatiel)

  3. Normally those birds need company of the same species, and long-term they should never be kept single. There are ways to avoid the screaming somewhat. For example if they predictably scream in the morning, maybe that’s a good time to give them a toy to destroy or a training session.

  4. I think for a person with normal situation, a conure or cockatiel is the best. I had them and it’s not bad at all. I had a yellow-sided Green cheek conure and I loved her until she got stolen 🙁
    A budgie is so cute too, less expensive, needs less time but it’s so muchhhhhh noisier.
    A general fact: Parrots are destructive. They like to chew. Can’t take it? Get another bird like a Myna or something.

  5. I have 2 cockatiels 1 african grey they are a lot of commitment and and money but I still recommend getting a bird but I guess I am a bird lover

  6. If you want a bird start small like first get a conure or other small birds and work your way up.

  7. they are beautiful and i love them so much but i will just watch them from afar thanks HAHHAA loved how honest and real this video is!! encourages proper pet ownership! major props to you!!!

  8. I Have had my Shanti for 17 years now since he hatched. He is my Best friend. Love him so much. But I am like you I do NOT encourage people to buy Macaws on a whim. They need lots of attention. They are flock animals. I try and talk people out of owning them just for the fact so many are rehomed over and over again. It’s sad. But if u can give the time and love for the rest of your life Go for it. I have a Blue and Gold too! =) He goes wherever I travel as well. Best traveler. If u are gone a lot. Not the kind of companion u should have. He was raised around all different animals. Including my Real life child. IF u have the time for life then go for it!

  9. hey my dad wants to get a macaw (6 weeks specifically ) and i have 5 birds already (4 budgies, 1 cockatiel)
    do you think it’ll be a good idea? i honestly don’t want one because it seems too much for me as i can’t spend lots of time due to school etc

  10. We just started to foster a macaw a few months ago and we got her to step up but she hasn’t let us touch her yet probably because her past owners left her in a shed for 3 years with no interaction

  11. No hate but…

    How rare you saying not to buy a macaw if you have one?
    It doesn’t make sense to me! They seems so cute.

  12. Just adopted my brothers scarlet macaw cuz of everything u just said. I just cant let him go. Ur living place for him is awesome and wanna make my porch like that. About to build something similar in the same area. Ya i already feel it a week in

  13. i mean, the first few ones were fine but the noise one..


  14. My homepage has been filled with responsible, handsome men taking care of exotic pets and it’s made my day so complete

  15. Stop bird breeding for money.
    Parrots are like children. They need all your time.
    This is a wonderful video. Thankyou.

  16. I will get a bird next month but I’m definitely not ready and probably will never be ready for a macaw, im getting a yellow indian ringneck

  17. Message to human mummy Clare and human daddy …. if you have not already read it …. please google and read "A Parrots Bill of Rights" It is beautiful. You are wonderful parrot parents.
    You can find Parrots Bill of Rights and lots more info on Located in Mudgeeraba subtropical Queensland Australia.
    Bless you both and your feathered children Mikey and Mia. ♥♥♥♥

  18. I don’t want my bird to be clipped but that place I get them won’t listen and always clips them.Other than that their a great store but it’s a large fault in my store

  19. This is a great video and I wish everyone could watch it before they decide to get a bird. We were surprised by all of it. Take what you think is loud and times it by a million. The destruction. Thank you for taking the time to educate people before they adopt.

  20. Which one do you suggest more for me
    1.A budgie
    2.A cocketail
    3.A Cockatoo
    And I might get a macaw because my neighbor is mean and we like to piss him off and BC they are beautiful and I have a lot of room in my house and I have a lot of time

  21. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment.
    Both occupied.
    I have a bunk bed is it ok if I dedicate that room and have a few other accessories in my room instead of a cage?

  22. not to mention all the POOP! I don’t have a macaw YET, but I am fully expecting to clean my place daily when I get one!! I have a little budgie, (impulse buy) and since then I’ve come out as a total bird person. Even her screeching doesn’t bother me most of the time. I’m ready for a big boi! 😀

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