2. Its all about $$$$ with this guy. He offers nothing for free. Whatever those pypoies are eating you must pay $$$ to find out: So much for caring about your pet; He only wants $$$$.
    So Sad another pretender to care, but another $$$$. Talk talk talk all pretense and never gets to the point; but you can pay$$$ to read the point that doesnt work. You feel the fool

  3. WHAT CAT EATS MUSHROOMS? HMM? NO CAT ON THEIR OWN IN THE WILD WOULD EAT A FRIGGEN MUSHROOM! I watched your advertisement from 2018. Ya had me, until you said, you put special mushrooms in the ‘powder’ you give the cats. Seriously. A powder is going to make the cat healthy? You are in this for the money. Oh yeah. A powder with mushrooms and such is going to do NOTHING for the health of the cat. Your get rich scheme may work for others for padding your wallet, but it’s not going to work for me. If you were a decent, caring Vet, you would say how bad DRY FOOD is for cats. And on that subject, you said NOTHING.

  4. This vet got a grip on reality. Vaccines are killing these animals. In truth…vaccines are not safe. Humans getting rabies vaccines is INSANE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc6E8eqXyOk
    Veterinarians need to get a GRIP that poisons in vaccines are NOT helpful to animals and are the cause of many of these sick animals.

    The animals that are never vaccinated, just like the animals in the WILD DO NOT get cancers. You are right Dr. Richter that nutrition is what makes animals healthy, by these toxic vaccines prevent nothing and are harming the animals. The medical science behind pharma sorcery is the worst form of consumer fraud. Just like pharma is harming humans with this Consumer fraud pushed by pharmaceutical companies.
    Doctors who fight back against pharma lies are heroes.
    Vaccines are bio weapons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WoMps4Pmpo&t=754s
    Death by medicine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSVFz06rPAs&t=50s
    Doctors of the AMA pharma pushing fraud learn nothing about nutrition and are deceiving the nations.
    God has not withheld the cures. http://www.cancertutor.com Cures animals too to use nutrition on animals.

  5. Ronny if you have big enough balls to call a lady and say that to her face you wish you never met me. The man has his beliefs and you have yours! It’s high time to shut the fuck up and move on asswipe

  6. This man is a sham. I was stupid enough to fall for his nonsense and paid $134.85 for three jars of this junk that were not even filled to capacity. The jars were only half filled. Also, there was no noticeable change in my cat’s behavior or health. I called their customer service department they were no help in addressing my concerns. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. To date, Ultimate Pet Nutrition has not responded to me or the Better Business Bureau. In conclusion the unsuspecting consumer and the pets they are supposed to help suffer in the long run. Stay away!

  7. Bruhhhh on this fucking scammer’s website for his video it was 18 minutes long and he talked about how you could help your dog’s diet with something that everybody has in their kitchen. Then after another 15 minutes of talking bullshit he says buy my expensive ass white powder.

  8. Mr. Gary Richter, how many millions have you filled your pockets with by duping innocent pet lovers into wasting $ on the useless crap you’re selling?!?! Your book, which I never purchased, but perused through at a local book store for FREE, is pure junk science! And that expensive jar of "talcum powder" you pick pockets with is useless garbage! And you get away with your conniving con-artistry because you know that the FDA does not monitor the junk you sell for animals and therefore will never question you about it! You may be selling jars of flour mixed with your feces with nobody bothering you about it! You are so slick! Anything for a fast buck! Using a medical degree to rip off innocent people!!!

    BEWARE OF THIS MAN FRIENDS! Invest your money on more quality food for your dog/s rather than throwing it into the pockets of this ripoff artist!

  9. My cavalier has had digestive problems since she was tiny. She doesn’t digest fats. I have been giving her probiotics for years, which helps, but it wasn’t solving the problem. So I purchased a jar of NutraThrive. My dog is only 18 pounds, so I only gave her about 2/3 of a scoop each day with her wet gastrointestinal diet. For the first month, I didn’t see much result, but I continued to give it to her until it ran out – it lasted about 2 months, or about $.67 per day (I honestly don’t care how full the jar is, I’m only concerned about how many servings it is). After taking it for six weeks, she began to improve. Her stools became more solid, she stopped passing horrible gas, her breath improved, and she started eating grass far less frequently. I ordered another jar and will try it for awhile longer.
    As someone who had personally experienced 25+ years of autoimmune diseases that I now believe stemmed from problems with my gut enzymes, I’m more than willing to try to try this to improve my dogs quality and length of life. I wish "human" doctors had realized how important a healthy gut was back when I was in my twenties and developing problem after problem.

    I agree that the website is trying to upsell you to 3 or 6 units, sell other products, get you on autodelivery, etc. Dr Richter would be well advised to make the ordering functions FAR MORE CLEAR and concise, and add the ability to control auto-delivery orders & timing in my online account (check the way Chewy website allows you to control autodelivery orders). The existing order form and function give one a very "scheister"ish feeling. Drop all of the add on screens asking "are you sure you don’t want to order this? You can get this for less if you order it this way…". Give us the best price options up front and stop undercutting yourself. I felt like I didn’t get the best price after all of those screens, which made me cross. And make me wonder whether you’re on the up and up.

  10. So true – I learned a long time ago that canned food is heavily processed and that is why I avoid it. So why then am I feeding my beloved pet canned food everyday? And kibble is just as bad if not worse.

  11. This guy is a huge SCAM artist. Making miracle cure claims to try to sell his "snake oil" concoctions & over bloated books filled with frivolous information, not just here on YT, but in fake articles all over the web, enticing the reader to click on a link at the end of each article that will take you to an endless "sales pitch" video where he keeps repeating redundant information for God knows how long until you reach the end and find out that the supposed "free" information you were promised in the article will cost you an arm and a leg to buy. And BTW, the video’s controls are removed so you can’t rewind or fast forward or even pause the video. A HUGE sign it’s a shameless sales pitch!
    And hey, Dr. Richter, you’re starting to remind me of another greedy, dishonest, narcissistic A-hole with your "America’s Favorite Veterinarian" asinine claim, Donald Trump! Why can’t you just use traditional sales methods and get straight to the point and let your products sell themselves based on the merits they possess. Transparency from the get go is a HUGE asset for online users like me. Why dig a deep hole for yourself by using tactics disguised as free information only to entice unsuspected morons to waste their time reading long articles and watching endless videos to buy your products? Cause on the other hand, semi-reasonable people like myself will skip right over your solicitations at the first sign of underhanded sales tactics regardless of how "wonderful" your products might actually be. If you truly had the miracle cure for dogs as you claim, I still would never buy anything from you because you have completely demolished any ounce of credibility by trying to "fool" people into buying your products! Maybe you should consult "mini-me" before launching into a rebuttal!

  12. When it comes to cats you need to keep in your frontal lobes (of your brain) this one thing. They are carnivores. They can’t live on your vegan sensibilities. They need meat. They’re bodies are set up to function, even demand, it. Exclusively. You should NOT even consider them to be omnivores. The vegetable fillers the pet food industry puts into their product is where they come off the rails (to me).

    I’ve basically feed my cats fresh cuts of meat. Beef, chicken, etc.. I even leave in bones of certain sizes. Once a day I toss it in a bowl and they (brother and sister) chow down. They’re both 16 years old at this point and, given their age, very healthy. Not the least bit overweight. So that’s what I advise all other cat owners. Remember they are carnivores, and feed them meat. The very same that you would eat. This is my "expert" advice.

    American Net’Zen

  13. My sister just spend 45.00 on this product for her cats, it was a disappointment…the jar is big but you need a magnifying glass to find the tiny bit of powder inside…Rip off

  14. Did anyone have the product go hard as a brick before you finished the container? I was careful to store it like gold because it was so expensive. What if I had gotten the buy 3 special? I tried to call, write a letter and even retried the letter. The sad thing is, I think the product may be really good for my dog with joint problems. When it went hard as a brick so fast, I was afraid it had gone bad and could hurt her. I did not even get to finish the container. I still have it in case, I ever get to talk to the good Doctor. Anyone else have this happen?

  15. A lot of negative comments here on Dr Richter.
    In all fairness however, the only comments that really matter are those from customers who actually bought his product tried it and would now like to share their results.
    Yes, it’s a good thing to out a con man, especial a Dr. who uses his license to exploit pet owners ignorance.
    On the other hand, it’s up to us, the public, to be informed shoppers who can then make educated purchases. Long story short– while this guy might certainly be a conman, the court of public opinion appears to be lacking in negative results. I only saw two reports of negative EXPERIENCES AND NOTHING LEGITIMATE FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY. IF TYOU REALLY BELEIVE THIS GUY IS A SHAM THEN YOU CAN REPORT HIM TO THE VET BAORDS TO HAVE THEM TAKE HIS LICENSE AWAY. But blaming others for your own inability to be a critical thinker and your own failure to ask for the data proving his formula actually works only shows how unfair and immature you all are. God gave us all brains…time we sued (oops I meant "used") them.

  16. He really cares about animals, so much so that he charges $69.00 for 4 ounces of this bullshit. I wouldn’t give this con artist a damn dime! He should take his product and shove it, and see what it does for him!

  17. I watched one of your videos for a moment or two, then I began to see as a sham. I didn’t mind the time, but the punch line never came.

  18. Does the Chinese guy that cured the horse you liked so much get any royalties for his Idea? After all it was his medicine that you are selling right? You yourself said that the Unknown Chinese guy worked a Miracle. You said that the Doctors had lost hope in this poor horse and you all called in the Unknown Chinese dude to cure the horse as a last hope for the poor animal. For some Reason. I don’t believe your story, it sound fishy and you are beating around the bush. Lets Get a Free sample then, of the the Miracle Potion that the Unknown Chinese dude made for your team of specialist? Like you also said in the video you were not a doctor yet, you were an intern at the time, how you ended up with the Chinese dude secret potion then?

  19. Video is such a waste of time, never gets to the point. He thinks we are stupid and would fall for this sham. #Soannoying hairdo and #soannoying never getting to the point in this day and age.

  20. I was getting ready to order and I decided to look for some reviews on it, thanks for saving me money I don’t have to throw away

  21. i have another question Dr Richter if a canine has been diagnosed with an upper respirtory infection is their any time line if his illiness continues and he’s not getting any better how many weeks should you wait before you consider on taking him to a hospital? we have just clinics here and their not equipped like a hospital…..

  22. I watched the video and I am fucking flabbergasted! When the living lovin duck is this bastard gonna tell me the god damn secret
    I did not know he was and now I hate him thanks 4 wasting my time and attention

  23. I took his advise, I was able to save my 14 year old jack Russell with a severe case of pancreatitis. Feeding natural food, my dog is thriving.

  24. Another example of health care being held hostage to profit. Only those who can afford it get it. The whole do no harm thing out the window. By actively holding the knowledge of these interventions hostage, you are allowing harm to occur to countless animals.. Shame on you, you capitalistic pig.

  25. He is absolutely right. Truth is always painful. I used to feed canned food and kibbles. After I lost my first cat died with UTI when she was 12 it was heartbreaking. the second cat I got when she was 2 months and from day one I started feeding home made raw food. She is 5 years old absolutely no problem, She visits vet once a year for rabbi shot and flea treatment. Everytime my vet recommends to feed her kibbles take out from raw because that is harmful. I know why because she is commission based with the pet food corporations.. along with raw food I do give her costco maintenance food(probiotics , hairball mgmt no grains). She is doing perfectly fine.
    Most pet owners are lazy or due to lack of knowledge . feed garbage kibbles(like Iams, purina, 9 lives etc) and made them ballooned . Think in this way if I feed you cheerios or corn cereals with a glass of water from day one you were born how long will you live ? IN MY OPINION IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PET BETTER NOT TO HAVE PET AT ALL.

  26. Of course my 71 yr old mother spent $130 on this crap! They just need to get the dog’s teeth cleaned! My dog ate a few bites of their dog’s food w/ this stuff sprinkled on top & his tummy gurgled all night. They also buy crappy food.

  27. Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk…….talk………..talk…………..talk…………….talk………………………….talk, but wait if you buy my book now you’ll also get bonus #1……….and for a limited time ONLY you’ll also get bonus #2. Summary….sham = scam = move on from this shit as fast as you can. Sounds like a Robert Tilton prayer cloth, https://youtu.be/jiLoUkvSh2s.

  28. Yeah they charged me 3 TIMES for a product they told me they cancelled, sooo never got the product, under 165 dollars! (Which I can’t afford, and these bad people have my credit card info… My mistake for being a fool in a messed up world.

  29. My dogs have improved dramatically after Nutra Thrive. No longer needing to buy all the individual ingredients myself Yeah!

  30. Ive been feeding my pets (2 cats and a dog) premium pet VEGAN food and their health has never been better. Regular pet food is pure poison.

  31. I tried to order their additive for my dogs. I was going to try 1 container for 49.95 USD. On my way to the check out another page popped up advertising the same for 46% off if you buy 3. I clicked on it. Continued to the checkout. Notice there was still only 1 order. Went ahead and paid for the 1; then a few hours later I noticed my credit card was billed for 4. Over 230.00+ USD.

    This was 14 August. I received order numbers and a tracking number. 5 day later I was still unable to track my purchases. Called CS, I was informed that the shipment was never sent. That it will be resent on 29 August. 5-6 September there was still no shipment to track. I was promised another shipment will be immediately sent. I refused. Ask for a refund. This was promptly done. I was told my purchases will be refunded within 4-5 business days. Less than 2 hours later my credit card was compromised.

    Someone racked up 800.00+USD to my card from the iTunes store. Coincidence? Hmm, I smell a RAT.

  32. I completely disagree with the new marketers "adding bonuses" unless it is nothing to do with the purchase. When I see informational bonuses, I feel I am not getting ALL the info and that I will have to keep paying for spoonfuls from the full plate being held back. So I appreciate that he is saying he will go into more depth about What is Already in the book! No holding back.

  33. My dog is currently sick, she can’t eat her normal kibble cause she just throws it up, therefor she is not getting the nutrients, she may have gotten a bone caught in her throat, and the vet said to feed her soft bread, as it will coat the bone and cause it to go down easily. I was going to buy this product as I thought it was for real. Sadly, it’s all a sham, this man is ripping innocent people off for their money, DO NOT BUY THE NUTRIENT POWDER!!!

  34. I was going to buy these for my babies. Thank God I read the reviews first. It’s all about $$$$$.
    ***Please do your research first***

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