Draymond Green Shares Why He's Picking LeBron as the MVP | NBA on TNT

Draymond Green Shares Why He's Picking LeBron as the MVP | NBA on TNT

With the finalists for the NBA Awards being announced, Draymond Green shares why he’s picking LeBron James as the MVP and talks about why he believe Kevin Durant is the greatest scorer of all time.

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  1. It is funny how a role player is suddenly an "important person" just because they played together with all-time greats…

  2. As much as I want Lebron too win it. I believe Giannis deserves it more. Lebron is 35 and still a mvp candidate. That’s crazy!

  3. LeBron lead the Lakers back to the playoffs, while leading the league in assists, while securing the number 1 seed in the wild wild west. LeBron is hands down league MVP.

  4. It’s a different game. Shut up Kenny. MJ went more to the line than Harden. He averaged more FT than Harden does. This old guys and their "It is a different game" needs to stop.

  5. Draymond schooled them in every direction. Giannis picking point guards..”it’s not like Hardaway can dribble” lol!

  6. Trust me the nba hoe and give giannis dopy and give bron mvp. This will be the last time he’ll ever be able to win one

  7. Draymond actually doesn’t just sit there like most of other guest stars they’ve had on here. He actually argues back and makes comments with substance. Give him a permanent contract.

  8. James harden is not being penalized, hes been propped up by an offense that solely shoots through his hands. They gotta stop giving dpoy to just shot blockers I mean that’s like a lowly stat to determine dpoy

  9. James Harden is so overrated. A bulk of his points come from free throws where he averages almost 13 a game, he has almost no clutch gene what so ever, and in my opinion he’s everything that is wrong with NBA basketball today

  10. Ja morant would be rookie of the year even if zion played all year, really detracting from what ja did, this is disrespectful

  11. Its a toss up for me..
    KD and Harden are really potent scorers..
    especially how they exploited/bent the current rules..

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