Emotional Support Animal Laws In Texas – Here’s What You Should Learn

Emotional Support Animal Laws In Texas – Here’s What You Should Learn

Texas is the second-largest state of America both by size and number of people that enjoy the status of being the “Live Music Capital Of The World”.

But, at the same time, more than one million adults are affected by one or the other serious mental health disorder such as depression, PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and others.

Not only that half a million children also suffer from severe emotional disturbances. And more than a billion of emergency room costs are addressed to mental illnesses.

The CEO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness said recently that “it is easier to get a gun than obtaining effective mental health care in the US.

One of the prominent reasons the need for emotional support animals has tremendously increased in the last few years.

Are you also looking for an ESA recommendation?

So, you must have an idea of emotional support animal laws in Texas.

Here is what you should know.

Emotional Support Animal Housing Laws

Texas housing laws on emotional support animals state that people with mental disorders can live with their pets without paying anything extra in terms of pet deposits or monthly fees.

Just remember you are protected under the FHA Housing Act for ESA and can rent an apartment or condo without any discrimination.

Emotional Support Animal Travel Laws
According to this law, you can easily travel with your emotional support animal within a flight cabin. And that too without paying anything extra.

But, to avail all these benefits, you will need an ESA letter duly signed by a certified mental health professional in your state.

Emotional support animal laws in Texas are framed just to support your mental health. But, make sure you meet all the requirements for obtaining an ESA letter.

And, in case, anyone discriminates against you, then you can also file a complaint against the broker or the airline provider.

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