Emotional Support Animal Laws: Regulations on Allowing Service Animals

Emotional Support Animal Laws: Regulations on Allowing Service Animals

An emotional support dog, service animal, or assistance animal mean different things, but they are all protected by law. For the sake of this conversation, I use the term assistance, service, and emotional support animal interchangeably. The most important thing you need to know is that they are not pets. These are animals that work. They provide emotional or additional assistance to…..

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  1. Thank you for sharing! This is very helpful for those of us that have the animal, as well as those that are renting their properties. Thank you!

  2. Is it just me or does this look like something that could be abused a LOT? People lie, and if all that’s needed is to tell a psychologist that you’re feeling down, what tenant won’t pull a scam? It’s too easy…

  3. Yes I have a question my landlord is kicking us out because of my husband’s esa dog claiming he is a nuisance but he hasn’t barked unless they are pounding downstairs and the one time he did bark we got our official notice of him barking 1st and only notice now he is trying to evict us

  4. Can we ask on our Application to Rent form if a perspective tenant has a service animal or emotional support animal? Can we ask questions about the animal? I known we can not ask the perspective tenant about their disability. Can we ask if the service or emotional animal has ever bitten anyone? Can we ask if a former landlord ever charged them for damaged caused by the service animal? Since service animals are not ‘pets’ do vets have to note in their records that the animal is a service or emotional support animal, based on qualifications under the ADA and proved via documentation from the perspective tenants doctor?

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