Emotional Support Animal NYC Laws That Every ESA Owner Should Know

Emotional Support Animal NYC Laws That Every ESA Owner Should Know

What should you know about living with an ESA in NYC?

The world is fast-paced and everyone needs a companion to help them through. An ESA is the perfect addition to your life to help manage all your emotional needs. Animal-assisted therapy has proven to be an effective way to mitigate the symptoms of various mental conditions.

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  1. ESA are medication there not like service dogs because ESA are medication you can’t take them every where you go. Service dogs are medical equipment like wheelchairs they can actually die from not having there dog. And I don’t agree with taking your ESA to work period. Ik ESA laws are going to change like you can’t bring them on a plain and they might say they need to be task trained. They been taking about that just because of all the fake service dogs and all the fake ESA’s now if you say the task is base off of any mental illness only they will consider that an ESA and you can’t go into a grocery store. Witch I think they should do any ways because I’m tired of the fake ESA’s and Service Dogs. If your ESA isn’t task trained you dog or cat or whatever will be considered as a pet and you will be paying a pet fee.

  2. Why? You are making this so much worse for the people who actually need service dogs. Don’t give me that BS that a ESA is a service dog it not. ESA don’t have to have any type of training as where service animals have to go though hours of training for years. People who pass off there animal as a ESA should be ashamed.

  3. You are disgusting. This video is disgusting.

    Want to mow secret? People despise anyone with an “emotional support animal.” Why? Because it’s a fraud, like you.

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