Epic Feisty Fan Film Compilation! Vol. 2

Epic Feisty Fan Film Compilation! Vol. 2

Another hilarious Feisty Pets fan film compilation: we love our fans! Chimmi the Chihuahua has a snarling contest with Vicky Vicious (bunny), Tony Tubbalard (seal) faces off with a real seal, Rascal Rampage (raccoon) scares a kid, and Monkey Xander plays with Grandmaster Funk (monkey). Princess Pottymouth (cat) wraps a dog in bubble wrap, Feisty Dogs take the snoot challenge, Lunatic Lexi (golden doodle) wakes up a cat with an air horn, and Sir Growls-a-Lot (bear) demonstrates the danger of rattlesnakes. Lethal Lena (snow leopard) defends a fire hydrant from a dog, VAT19 parodies “The Shining” starring Sammy Suckerpunch (dog) and Princess Pottymouth (cat), and Sammy Suckerpunch jams on the electric guitar. Vicky Vicious devours a carrot in a Jazwares-created fan film, Princess Pottymouth ruins a birthday party, Sammy Suckerpunch smiles at a German Shepherd, and Glenda Glitterpoop (unicorn) defuses a bomb. Finally, Brad Pitt asks Sammy Suckerpunch, “What’s in the box?”

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Written and directed by Mark Forti and Alexis Kunzelman with Erin Dodds and Nathan Forti. Feisty Pets invented by Mark Forti and made by the William Mark Corporation.

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