Espanyol 0-1 Real Madrid – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 6/28/2020

Espanyol 0-1 Real Madrid – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 6/28/2020

#Espanyol #RealMadrid #LaLiga

Los Blancos returned to the LaLiga summit after Karim Benzema and Casemiro combined for the only goal in Sunday’s clash against Espanyol.

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  1. As a barca fan plzzz let us go trophy less so that board can get fired. Crazy just a couple months ago we beat these same group of real players 5-1 with ernesto fucking valverde

  2. Real Madrid need to regain there La Liga dominance cause Barcelona been taking it with them for far to long since Real Madrid put all there focus on Europe

  3. If it was messi doing the play benzema did the guy would being yelling magicccc lol u can tell his a Barcelona fan

  4. This is why English people can’t comment a Spanish game talking shit to the players and not knowing who the players are

  5. Courtois hace una parada que le tiran al cuerpo y Marca/Diario AS dicen que hace méritos para el Zamora. Keylor hacia paradas de mucho mas mérito que literal le daban títulos al Madrid y para ellos era siempre polémica en la portería. Hipócritas. Courtois: NADAPLETE – Keylor: Campeon de Copa de Espana, La Liga, Mundial de Clubes, 3 veces campeón de Europa. La maldicion de Courtois es que nunca gana nada al equipo que vaya. Keylor es tal vez menos atlético pero tiene la suerte y el carácter de portero campeón.

  6. Omg English commentators are so boring, benzema makes a wonderful play that results in goal their reaction “ yes is a goal”

  7. Tbh I think Real Madrid won la liga even though I’m a Barca fan I think y’all deserve this the tittle because my team were good but also trash sometimes and also we can’t win every season we got to give other teams a chance! Congrats Real Madrid!

  8. real madrid defense and midfield is much better than barca! that back 4 with carvajal, ramos, and verane, and then versatile options with Marcelo, or mendy is fantastic! be interested to see what they do when they also get reguilon back from loan. oh and they still have one of the most underrated players in world in casemiro

  9. Ik France is already stacked and doesn’t need him but just imagine how France would be having Benzema instead of like Giroud

  10. I just hope we get to see the Chelsea hazard soon,he’s my favorite player and as a Madrid fan I was so excited about him coming but with the injuries it seems he’s lost confidence

  11. Two things I learned from real Madrid after coming back from the virus break.. First Benzema after losing weight is more dangerous, and the second thing is that Benzema and company are playing way better without the pressure from the fans!!

  12. Man benzama been doing things like that for so many years…. respect from a Liverpool fan what a player what a career.

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