Singapore fish store tour at JZX Aquarium! I actually didn’t plan on doing this fish store tour today and was hoping to look for some fish for my tanks. They had the fish I was looking for but they were in quarantine so I decided to take some clips of the other fish they had. I hope to do a FULL TOUR some day when the store is less crowded. JZX sells monster fish and exotic fish!

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  1. wow, that store has a pretty interesting selection of fish. Is there’s a big market for monster fish in SG? I thought the majority live in apartments…

  2. Singapore is like the worlds Mecca for fish and the tropical plant industry. I know the Botanical Garden there is world renowned.

  3. I did not get the fish I intended on getting because they were being quarantined. And CORRECTION! The Motoros are Potamotrygon Marinae and Boesemani. The black/white pleco is an L260.

  4. Yup in case how many kind of Singaporean Arowana today I went to the fish store so the most shops saying they don’t know the kind of the Arowana because the Arowana are young so I should take it and grown it up then I find it’s kind so I thought they with out knowledge so how I can know the kind of Arowana before it’s grow up if its read , black or so on ??

  5. Wow… I thought my LFS had huge plecos but theyre just big commom ones those spikey guys and a the whisker one were giant

  6. Yo Ryo….. those plecos were MONSTERS….lol ….I think one was a full grown Adonis pleco! This store was amazing, thank you!!

  7. I’m working n the same building and came across your video, went down to check it out. Awesome collections! Now it’s my place to go during lunch hour just to look at those stunning fishes.

  8. Awesome, I’m jealous! I’m to embarrassed to even think of showing what my LFS looks like….it’s grim. Those Plecos are the biggest knarliest plecs I’ve ever seen.

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