EXOTIC PET STORE TOUR!!! – (Fish, Reptiles & Birds!)

EXOTIC PET STORE TOUR!!! – (Fish, Reptiles & Birds!)

This exotic Pet Shop had EVERYTHING!!! Rare FISH, REPTILES & BIRDS!
🐊The Pet Shop, https://thepetshopaz.com/
📍2235 S. Power Rd. Suite 107 Mesa, AZ 85209

‣CoralFish12g Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coralfish12g/
‣CoralFish12g Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coralfish12g/
‣CoralFish12g.com: http://www.coralfish12g.com


  1. I love everything but the small animals and rabbits. Not wanting to sound rude she’s just not showing proper care to them.

  2. Never seen a store this good. On my first aquarium I went to a store but in that store they would just give information that is not right just to sell fish. Now I go to a specialist.

  3. you should check out tropical kingdom in tucson AZ they have fish and reptile, birds, and rodents and some monster snakes 🙂

  4. Check KAKADU shops in Europe, they are the Best shops i have ever seen, but dont have salt water section no fish, corals, sands, salt etc.

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