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One of the ways that people can express themselves is through what they
wear. The colors they choose sometimes represent their current mood, if
they’re happy, then their preferred choice of clothes would be brightly
colored, but if their down or not in the mood for anything, then their
choice would have darker colors.But its not all about the
colors but also with the designs. The artistry used to make a clothing
line sometimes signifies a feeling or emotion that people could use to
express their own. A popular brand that uses this is the urban clothing
line miskeen.The miskeen branded clothing line is a cross
between sophistication and artistry. Every piece emphasizes both pain
and passion through its artwork. Many clothing lines today lack in this
area which is why the miskeen branded clothing lines became as famous
as it is today. But the question everyone is asking today is, where did
the miskeen first started?The first miskeen originals started at the streets of west-Philadelphia
by the hands of a dynamic artist who expressed his pain, love, and
passion, through every artwork his made. This uniqueness in fashion
clothing line came to the attention of retailer Dr. Denim of whom
respected and loved art in every garment.Soon after, its popularity grew larger and larger that additional
artists was needed. By selecting only the talented hands in art and
fashion, the miskeen grew into a team of young multi-talented artists
ready to impart their talents for sake of artistry.Mizkeen Originals is now situated in a state-of-the-art fashion studio
Camden NJ, where every garment becomes a masterpiece in the hands of a
miskeen artist. The reason why miskeen became popular is its
uniqueness. No two items are alike. Each are made to offer the wearer a
sense of uniqueness and individuality in the growing urban community.The mizkeen team offers innovative blend of colorful paint, pop-art,
and fashion that makes it unique. Combining both experience and talents
of every artist, ensures the creation of the freshest art on a daily

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