Fake Service Dog – Emotional Support Animals Are NOT Service Animals

Fake Service Dog – Emotional Support Animals Are NOT Service Animals

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Dominique or Max Graffeo

MY MEDICAL ISSUES. I have POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, a condition that affects the autonomic nervous system (including my heart) and causes me to faint among other symptoms. It comes from EDS Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Among other medical issues. I do have PTSD as well from childhood sexual assault that lasted over 10 years. But my fainting is related to my POTS and I can faint anytime, anywhere that I have been standing or walking too long. Basically my heart doesn’t pump my blood right and it pools in my legs and I pass out.

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Max was a shelter rescue and I have been training him myself.

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  1. Stop saying it’s illegal …always a tattle tell
    …you’re in public…your dog will have to deal w distractions if you’re in public…always threatening people …don’t bully old people. I don’t think he wants an hr long explanation…he just wants to eat his meal!!

  2. I cant BELIEVE the hate comments. Most of them are just flat out disrespectful. Or against the ADA law. People need to open their eyes. If you want information, why are you here? I believe everything she said is perfectly resonable. Great bravery!

  3. Your poor family probably has anxiety from going out with you. What’s your problem? Chill the hell out. You cause your own problems. For a person that has as many problems as you, you sure go out to a lot of places. You seem like Hell to be around.

  4. Unnecessary drama.
    Good that these people were calm.
    You’re making a specialist of yourself.
    Maybe stop sticking your nose in other people and react to more serious situations.

  5. At 2:04 I know this isn’t what the person in the background yelled but I thought he yelled "(inaudible) Happy Water!" and now I can’t get it out of my mind

  6. Jesus all due respect,who do u think u r to assume ur issues r more severe than sumbody elses.wat if a veteran came in there and needed that dog to help wit their ptsd! Ur distracting them.this just seems so hypocritical.again all due respect.i wld have walked away from u cuz of real anxiety

  7. Im confused, they say your not allowed to ask if its a service dog, but she is saying to ask and that the Health Dept could get the restaurant in trouble. So which is it?

  8. I agree with you but Um even if it’s just a emotional support IF THE PLACE DONR CARE THE ANIMAL there and there’s no big distraction or problems besides your ass making it such oh legal this jail that money this fine that this that!!!!!!!!!!!!! So just yeah whatever you doing your job but just chillax if that dog wasn’t barking outta control or harming or anything so oh no dear god your gonna die because of it?

  9. **If you qualify or think you do talk to a medical Proffesional** If you have debilitating anxiety that interferes with you living a normal life you should consider a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD). Not an emotional support animal (ESA). A PSD is task trained like any other Service Dog to assist you with your disabilities. They are trained to respond to you in certain ways to help alleviate your anxiety, some cases even pull you from the area for you to calm down and much more.

    A Service Dog is a dog specifically trained to mitigate your disability. They are trained to react and behave appropriately in public.

    Some small Service Dogs are carried because the risk of being stepped on and injured. In this case this dog was plenty big enough to walk on it’s own. Even with small service dogs the handler would not be insisting on other people interacting it.

    I tried to take my time to explain to them the laws and the differences between ESA and PSD. And put them on a road towards training the dog to actually assist her. I then tried to explain to the manager more in depth so he knew in the future.

    I did my best to do all of this as calmly as I could to really help educate. This couple really were very nice and understanding.

  10. Dude let it go what do you care so much for? All dogs help people. Service dogs are trained more yes, but lots of dogs give services. The World does not revolve around you. You just turned a ton of people off your channel.

  11. We have an emotional support animal, specifically a maltese and very few people ever give us an issue, mostly because if we go onto private property we have him in a carrier. This is basically a nothingburger tbh… You’re like THE definition of a Karen tbh.

  12. I loved the way you handled the esa! Most handlers will yell and cause a sceene (no offense to other handlers). Great Job!

  13. They were going to sit down and she lectures them for a whole half an hour and doesn’t let them eat. How was that not harassment on her part?

  14. Ok so you are definitely one of the best service dog handlers I’ve seen on youtube. You are so nice and respectful to people who dont have a proper service dogs and I really appreciate that. I see ones on here that are really rude and yell at people and it gives people with service dogs a bad look. I instantly subscribed and will probably binge watch all your videos while I’m in quarantine lol.

  15. 1. I understand this is 2 years ago
    2. I would not put my service dog in danger and call the lady with a "service dog" in her arms over to where my working dog was. That’s really risky and I would not be able to afford a new service dog if that dog turned out to be aggressive. You should not go looking into arguments.

  16. Bet that manager doesn’t give a shit about no service dog or emotional support!! She’s literally acting like she’s the manager of this restaurant!!

  17. I like how they are listening to you!

    I live in California and the mall I go too every saturday.. there is always a fake service animal.. i rarely see real ones anymore, i had to quit bringing my service animal due to this, Cause i was so scared that he would get hurt.

    I have a 2 year old Golden Retriever, he was an ESA but after a while, I met up with a service dog trainer and well, here we are now 🙂 my dog is still in training since he has only been training for 5 months and he has public access.
    I can’t take him to training for right now due to a sickness going around.

    (i’m 14 btw)

    Thank you for posting this! this will really help others.

  18. Emotional pets are kinda like service dogs when I’m depressed I talk to them then they crawl up to me and wait until I’m ok

  19. Your dog is rly well behaved and looks legit but I think it’s a little contradicting to put cute or funny accessories like pirate hats on your service dogs and then get angry at people who stare or want to approach. The point of a service dog isn’t for entertainment but to be behind the scenes responding to their handlers needs…

  20. Hey if my son gets seizures or skitaferia or both can my dog be trained t react and clam him when it happens when I’m not there

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