1. yes i am american and in our country people take advantage of everything….its disgusting what human’s have become in 2020 or before…..I am not but if i were allergic to dogs then that is more important than your service animal although the airlines won’t say that for hurting someone’s precious feelings and having to deal with a lawsuit…..store them under where they used to store pets and if that is to hard for you then you should not be flying…..why must people take advantage of everything in this country…..many people are so disgusting in this country… In addition even if the animals were allowed on the flight with everyone else the owners should have to pay for their animals own seat. I am not a hater…I just a realist who see this thing as common sense….What did the people after world war 2 do when having to fly???? Store animals underneath where they always were….

  2. I hate how they can’t just say the dogs are a pet not a service dog

    when people ask me if my dog is a service dog I say no it’s just my pet

  3. I think these people selling fake service dogs vest need to be charge i think the best way to address this and keep your medical records private between you and your doctor make like a prescription where you need a prescription from your doctor to be able to buy service dog vest and with doctors office phone no and like prescription put rx no it so only doctor have info and still protect patient privacy cause way it us no too easy to get service dog vest

  4. Jesus…. The poodle was a service dog that belonged to Trained and Maintained service dogs, who made wonderful vests, was an amazing trainer. She was amazing.

  5. Simple answer, make it a crime punishable by 20 years in prison if you have a fake service dog. Also make it legal to ask for papers from the government proving it’s a service dog. Also make all true service dogs wear a vest provided for free from the government.

  6. My service pitbull moonie has been distracted by fake service dogs too many times. I have gotten stopped by Walmart,target employees a bunch of times just because I have a pitbull as my service dog. Mainly I get stoped by employees when I don’t have any gear on my service dog except for her patch collar and leash.

  7. I think they should at least have a doctors note from there own doctor on them at all times me ESA got a doctor note from my family doctor

  8. CLUE: If a blind person has his/her service dog in the cart how is it helping the blind person to navigate the store floors? Yeah, you fake ass bitch with your fake ass service dog!

  9. This is a good thought but disappointing, the poodle is a service dog and handlers can dress them however they want. She trains dogs for an organization.

  10. I really dislike anyone who has to take there dogs into stores and restaurants that are clearly not trained to be service animals. It’s mostly women I’ve seen but I seen one skinny dude who had 2 great Dane’s in the village in restaurant. I’ve overheard one lady telling another she just bought the best online so she could take her yapping mutt wherever she went. What BS!!.. making it hard for the other who really need them. They need to tell the fakers your dog can come in you stay out!

  11. I have seen MANY Store Managers kick fake service dog owners out of their stores. Most customers are sick and tired of this and are calling Store Managers in the store if they suspect something. If you are one of the idiots who carry your fake service dog in a store—be advised—we will have you kicked out PRONTO.

  12. I live in Ontario. Recently in a Shoppers Drug Mart a woman tried to pass her barking dog as a service dog. In Ontario you need a license. She had none. Lied, just to get her dog in the store. What a bitch!

  13. I have a service dog for my PTSD and I just don’t think people like this should ruin it for people like us my service dog is my sidekick to the end

  14. I love dogs but i hate it when people bring their pets into stores, especially claiming its a service dog. A seeing eye dog is fine, but an "emotional support animal"???? Nowadays people are so entitled, they dont even try to fake it.

  15. I have a service dog she is a chihuahua jack Russell mix. I dress her up all the time as I’m a minor and want to have fun. That poodle with the hearts is also a real service dog trained by trained and maintained. My service dog is dyed. She has pink and blue paws, and a blue tail. Just because a service dog is dressed up does not mean they are fake. It’s called having FUN for having a dog by you 24-7. If you want to see a real service dog who’s small, dyed, and has fun gear look at my Instagram @Gabanzo_ not all service dogs are fake for having colorful gear or having dyed paws

  16. It’s all these stupid teenagers being allowed to get service dog vests and registration for self diagnosed “anxiety disorder”.

  17. Service dog is only for blind people, if you have any mental disability, like the bs "I need emotional support, gotta take my dog everywhere" don’t get a dog, get a therapy.

  18. An ADA dog is to be used as a tool & not as a pet; the dog is trained to perform specific functions for its owner. These fake dogs are brought into supermarkets, retail stores, etc.; sniffing products, etc. & it is not sanitary or safe. Animals have viruses/bacteria that does not mesh well with people; hence pet owners have had their limbs amputated because of bacteria/viruses they caught from their pets.

  19. No. Service dogs can be dressed in anyway. That’s trained and maintaineds service dog. That dog is literally trained to guid, alert to seizures and so much more.

  20. Most service dogs are not smaller breeds. There are exceptions of course, but real service dogs (not emotional support dogs) are medium or large breeds.

  21. My wife has epilepsy. She has a seizure PREDICTION dog. Daisy is a small Maltese and she had never been wrong when she predicted a seizure coming in my wife. Because of what Daisy does she must ride in the basket of a cart to be close to my wife. We always put a blanket down first. That protects Daisy from the filthy germs left behind by babies with dirty diapers! Don’t be so quick to judge if a dog is a service dog. They come in all sizes and breeds. And comfort and therapy dogs ARE NOT service dogs!

  22. That poodle with the hearts is actually a real service dog! A handler can dress their dog however they want, there is no law stating that they need to be vested.

  23. Trained or not this has gotten completely out of hand. There should be two service dogs one for the blind one for the deaf. If you can’t go to the store or eat in a restaurant without your dog you need to either stay at home or be checked into a mental institution.period!!!!

  24. Ok to make something clear the ones on the plane are emotional support dogs yes they can fly and they don’t have to be trained that’s why they were barking but I agree u shouldn’t bring it if it was barking but at least try and train it

  25. the poodle that is wearing the heart jacket is a real service dog because in the ADA it never says that service dogs are not allowed to wear fun gear

  26. Ok, I am sorry, to drive you get an ID, you get an ID for your medical insurance. I truly believe it is as simple as when you ask for and get your legal disability I think that person should get a basic ID with their picture issued by the Social Security off and it should state the Name of person is allowed to have a trained service dog with them at all times in all locations. So the dog has not registered the owner is. The social security office should also offer Good citizen testing once a month ( which I know they could find testers to donate their time once monthly) and if your dog passes that test then they are safe to be in public then the owner can go from there to train or get the dog trained to do the tasks that best suit them and their needs. It would be issued by Social Security so it would be much harder to fake and most dogs that can pass a Good Citizen test are well behaved and well trained in the basics that keep them from barking or being aggressive getting into things they shouldn’t or being disruptive and shows the ability of the dog to listen to the owner. I know it’s not perfect but think how much it would cut down on fakes because to have the card itself means you are disabled but would not say how. You would have no issues when getting a new service dog there would be no new license since it is the owner. If the person takes a dog out into the public that can not pass the good citizen test they could be punished by fines and whatnot. It would need one extra item that social security would have to do, issues an ID card and just give it to all people on disability and it would be up to that person whether or not they would use it and get a service dog or not, no extra work just everyone gets one when receiving disability. It doesn’t have to be perfect to help stop fakes just something doable.

  27. This is upsetting I recently just saw an add where some website was offering service dog vest and I quote.” Your pet can come with you everywhere.” So messed up. I love my dog but I’m not about to ruin someone’s service dogs access to public places bc I want to take mine everywhere

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