Fake Service Dogs + Harassment

Fake Service Dogs + Harassment

This is why it’s hard being a service dog handler these days..


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We are a Illinois team. Maddie is a two year old boxer mix while Jackson is a one year old boxer mix. Maddie is a multipurpose in-home Service Dog and Jackson is a regular multipurpose Service Dog in training.


ADA laws


(For Illinois only)


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  1. When people just say hey to your SD and are not educated on how it works try not to be rude when just letting them know not to distract your dog because some people don’t realize there doing anything wrong when just saying bey

  2. I don’t have a service dog, but I completely understand why they are needed and how to act around them. Would I love to take my lab everywhere with me? Yes. Will I? No. People don’t understand how much handlers need their service dogs. It pisses me the HELL off >:( Just yesterday, I saw a real service dog at Walmart. It behaving beautifully and while I wanted to go pet it, I didn’t. There was another man who had his golden with him in a fake SD vest, and the golden lost its mind at the real one. The handler was trying to ask him to leave, but I could see he wasn’t going to, so I went beside the handler and told the man to get the hell away from them or I was going to call the police because he’s breaking the law. Needless to say, he left. The handler thanked me, and let me pet her dog for a tiny bit then we parted ways. I wish people would LEAVE their PETS at home

  3. I do have a question I have really bad anxiety and I’m getting a puppy to train to be a service dog so I don’t freak out in public but I have 4 other dogs would it be a distraction to my puppy? I just want to know so I can keep my puppy away from them .

  4. this is to the girl who was training her service dog in the store… the girl who was shaking…if you ever see this… you shouldnt have to apologise for being rude to that women when shes harassing you… if shes treating you with disrespect then you shouldnt have to be nice or respectful to her. you stayed calm and stood up for yourself. continue standing up for yourself.

  5. Those people are so dumb like do they actually think there rules arw above the law. Obviously you have to train a service dog in public to be able to deal with a real situation in public

  6. The petsmart video regarding the leash issue, I seriously don’t see why it’s a big issue for the owner to put her service animal on a leash. I’m pretty sure most service animals are trained with a leash anyway. Plus it’s not against the law to require any animal, service animal or not, to be leashed in a store. :/

  7. You were not rude. You were brave! But why did you mum tell you to leave? Why do you give up your right in the end??

  8. Petsmart requires your service dog to be on a leash because of liability! they allow all dogs in, working or not. So they need both parties to be safe, incase a non-service dog lashes out at one.

  9. also if anyone can answer this question.

    the non profit I got my SA from gave me a few vests in the time I’ve had her. the first one she grew out of , then a couple broke , I find those type are so so thin fabric and they just dont last very long , mostly my fault because of the fact that I take her with me even when I’m camping or at the creek and stuff. lol so lately I’ve been using a really high quality one (at least it feels that way and has held up amazing) mostly all the time that ones from amazon , and one from the program she was trained from in creeks and outdoorsy adventures .

    anyways , so in this video towards the beginning somebody mentioned something about it being in Amazon vest on the fake SA so my question is what exactly makes a vest less real you know what I mean? Like I am pretty versed in the laws and it doesn’t really State much about vests and labels other than that they are not required is it just sort of like a sixth sense the same way it is whenever you walk into a store and see another dog that’s being held and you just know for a fact it’s not real? Because I understand that all too well LOL I’m just curious if I haven’t picked up on the vest thing yet LOL , or if there is a specific vest brand I should be getting to avoid distant harrassments lmao .
    Personally from what I have experienced people will either assume that a dog is fake because it doesn’t have tags all over its body or because it is misbehaving I’ve also experienced that some people will come and ask for some sort of identification and often times I find myself explaining that ADA doesn’t require any type of Licensing and respectfully recommended that they educate themselves although I have a hunch that some people question the legitimacy a service animals just to get themselves a reason to get closer to the animals and hopes that they could touch it or something honestly the mentality of complete strangers baffles me
    To avoid distractions and harassment for my dog and I ; firstly she is well behaved and focused not distracting anybody else or calling attention to herself secondly I know it’s not required but I do have service animal do not pet on her best Elsa have a little clip thing and it has the Ada laws because of a situation where a cop didn’t even know the laws it was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever dealt with and on top of all that I keep her groomed and I keep up with her training regularly to assure that she will always be well behaved and focused I mean from how I see it on my part I’ve done as much as I can to avoid people coming up to me and harassing me in one way or another but I’m asking like is there another thing that I could do to avoid it? That is my question with a vest I guess?

    I will stop rambling though my question was is there a specific or are there more than one specific company that I should be getting my daily use vests from for another layer of avoiding harassment?

  10. Pets are allowed at Petsmart and many other pet supply stores and some hardware stores so that is not breaking the law. I will not keep my pet at home. I will take her to the dog park or a recrational park, to the lake ,mountains and out for public walks. Pet owners have the right to be out and about with there pets to. So don’t ask me to keep my pet at home as stated at the end of the video.

  11. Totally get you own a service dog but you’re worried about people and that their dog is a service dog why don’t you just mob

    worry about changing the way people perceive who has a disability and a service dog instead of trying to make problems for other people she says her dogs are service dogs it’s a service dog not running around getting managers and that’s not a service dog with so many people that do have service dogs have so many problems with out being a tattletale and who are you to say that that’s not her service dog ,because it was barking maybe it was in training I’ve been a trainer for over 30 years not all dogs are trainable as easy as some I’m just saying we should all be on the same team not trying to discredit people saying that their dog is not a service when you truly have no idea because it doesn’t behave as well as yours it makes it not a service dog??? And someone with a disability shame on you when you know how hard is I have a disability and to try to get your service dog into public places that’s all I got to say on the subject it makes me sad

  12. I have a question. I saw on one of these videos that service dogs are for people with physical disabilities. I have ‘other’ disabilities (and I say other because it’s personal not to be rude) that have physical symptoms. Can a service dog be trained for those types of symptoms and to warn me when i need to back off and cope? Or strictly for physical disabilities. Please be kind

  13. Do you think one of the reasons it is so easy to get away with having a fake service dog is because the gov doesn’t require real ones to be liscensed?
    May I see your liscense?
    Yes my service dog is real
    Okay have a good day
    May I see your liscense?
    No I don’t have one
    Okay your service dog is fake gtfo
    (just an honest question, if not please tell me otherwise I would like to learn more about service dogs)
    It would make me happy to see more of these people held accountable for fraud

  14. …there is no such thing as a certificate. Why do people immediately stop questioning things because of a piece of paper when the law says there is no paper or ID.

  15. I’m sorry but some people do take advantage of having a service dog and I think some of the people who have them need to be trained on manners…

  16. It suuuuucks that this is going to be a problem for people. It shouldn’t be this way. Sadly it’s going to come to a point where you will have to go get your dog tested and certified now in order to keep real disabled people who need these animals to have them without harrasment. I have two shepards myself, not service animals like the ones in these videos, but listen almost as well and i still would never take them to a store.

    Also to those of you with service dogs, or know people that do/train them. Please, how do you feel about emotional support dogs? Should they be akin to the same standards? I ask because my father was in the military for 30 years, combat infantry and has seen some wild things. Our coffee table of a black lab calms him down when he starts to have one of his silent episodes. Should/Does he fall under the same ADA guidelines/laws?

  17. as a kid i thought it would be fun and all to bring your pets wherever you go, but i quickly educated myself on why that is very harmful to people with actual service dogs. not just the physical act of causing a distraction to working dogs but to also cause people to question real service dogs bc too many people fake service dogs

  18. Service dogs are working animals.One time I accidentally petted a service dog that harness said do not pet,I quickly apologized to the owner and continued my day

  19. You know what would be cool like what if there was a off duty judge at these places where owners or employees harrassed service dogs and they smack the harassers with the law like the service dog owners are providing and they get basically like owned

  20. 3:55 You’d think someone in a pet store would be a bit more aware of ADA laws with service animals. At least the worker is stupid enough to drop Petsmart, so we all know where to lodge a complaint. Was this in Illinois? Or do you know the exact location?

  21. What’s the process of getting your dog trained to be of service? does anyone know a place in Vegas/Henderson ? I would really like to go about it the legal and right way as well as get my dog trained to help me with my anxiety while I’m out as well as be able to handle these situations. Just a question so please no hate!

  22. Some of those people in the store just pretend they have service dogs so they can bring them into the shop. Makes me mad becuase there is people who really have service dogs like yourself.

  23. My sister has a service dog and ppl are just asking that what is her mental illness or wants to see a “paper” that its a real service dog… Use google dumb creature!

  24. Where can I get those pretty vest for my dog I plan on getting and training a service dog but I’m very artsy etc so I love colors

  25. The woman with pip seems to have more anxiety that the dog isn’t paying attention, or that someone is trying to get the dogs attention. Idk. I’m for service dogs and the good they do but some times I watch this and I’m like ya know what fuck you , that poor dog wants to play and have fun not take care of your needy self. Sorry not sorry. I suffer from mental health- I’m not throwing shade just sharing my opinion 😉

  26. Here’s the thing: I have severe anxiety and am prone to full blown panic melt downs in any situation I feel overwhelmed. I’m not eligible for an actual service animal, so I’ve been heavily considering spending the extra money and getting my dog trained as best as I can so he can be my ESA. I would hate to be like these people who slap a vest on their pet and call it a service animal. He’s already learned to comfort me when I get agitated, but are their any commands other than basic sit, stay and focus, that anyone recommend so I can bring them up with a trainer?

  27. I don’t know what size of service dog is best. Mine is a big German shepard, but they’re all so precious

  28. I’m curious if you need a reason to have a service dog or if you can just have one but still be trained like one

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