Fake Service Dogs, PIGS, MONKEYS! Dog Poops In Store! And More

Fake Service Dogs, PIGS, MONKEYS! Dog Poops In Store! And More

More fake service dogs! This problem continues to arise and now you may not even be able to trust program trained dogs either! Or can you? Let me know how you feel about that!

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  1. I have a small service dog. We were attacked by a fake service dog. RIP my dogs throat. My dog now has aversion to dogs and doc Martin’s. Trying to retrain him, but he may have to be retired. He won’t understand when left behind

  2. I love my Jesse but I know what she is and isn’t capable of. Even when we travel I couldn’t see myself pretending she’s a service animal. Because it’d take one kid with food to break that illusion. Leave your pets at home or plan around them but don’t bring them into a potentially dangerous situation just because.

  3. I got my dogs registered as ESA. While I do feel they provide support, I do not take them in public because they are not trained. I feel it’s inconsiderate and irresponsible if you can’t control your animal don’t subject others to their bad behavior. Personally I would be embarrassed if I was trying to take my dog somewhere and they acted that way.

  4. I’m often accused for having a fake service Pig (by service animal owners) I make it clear she is a ESA for PTSD because store and even restaurant owners often don’t mind if I bring her with me because she’s quiet and hypoallergenic

  5. I owner trained my service dog I have no professional experience and within two years she alerts to my episodes and I can work her off leash if need be The diabetic alert dogs of America videos were ridiculous I hate that those people that needed the dogs didn’t get them and that the dog was completely misbehaving I feel so bad for them TBH I could probably train those dogs better than that company did!

  6. I have a Therapy bunny that was originally just a bunny but she was a very calm and docile bunny that I brought her places like elderly homes to brighten up their day and they loved her. yes she is NOT a service animal but in times of high stress and anxiety, like a plane ride or even traveling somewhere in a car, I bring her with me in a small carrier where I can touch her and feel comfortable and safe. And with the building managers consent prior to me coming by, I will bring her to an elderly center or a children’s center for behavior issues and everyone adores her. I know where I can bring her and where I can’t and I would NEVER abuse that. Some people think you can make them emotional support animals and bring them EVERYWHERE, it makes what Hazel(my bunny) and I do harder as people take advantage of fake harnesses and certificates they buy online.

  7. No disrespect to anyone with a REAL service animal but I don’t know why people get so dramatic when a "fake" service dog barks at their dog and say its distracting their dog when i thought service animals were trained to ignore distractions. 9 times out of 10 when i see these fake service dog videos the fake service dog is feet away not even close enough for a bite just making noise barking i understand it should not be in the store but i feel like if your dog did not get physically hurt why be so dramatic. If you went on a walk and a stranger was walking their non service dog and it barked at your dog your gonna say its illegal for their dog to bark at your dog. Like its a dog they bark. And i never seen a real service animal hurt in these fake service dog videos just owners recording and just so happen a stranger has a dog in the store and the dog barks at the real service animal then the owner of the real service animal starts making it a big deal. If the person walked away with the barking dog and your dog didnt get hurt physically why do people get so emotional. Im not trying to offend anybody just asking. I thought distraction training was for just that distractions. If the real service dog owner was not in the store and a strangers dog barked at it while on a walk whats the difference from a dog barking at the dog in the store vs the street when the defence is your dog is being distracting. Like being in a store makes it more of a distraction for the dog than being outside. What if a cat ran past the dog are they gonna say your distracting my service dog to the cat or keep walking minding your business?
    Sometimes the real service dog owner will stand around and record the fake service dogs and complain the dog is being distracted but yet you still didnt remove your animal they rather stand and argue if your shopping finish shopping stop trying to record and complaining about the dog go tell the store manager and go about your day like you was instead of breaking down because their is another dog in the store. I understand dogs who are not service animals should not be in the store but everybody doesnt follow the rules so just because the person didnt follow the rules your about to have a mental break down.why do people get so emotional. I seen a girl almost pass out in a video because a dog 5 feet away from her barked at her dog ( large breed)the people moved the dog(small breed) quickly and she still acted like her dog got attacked. Her dog didnt even flinch it just stood their like i get it if your dog was trying to get away from the dog but the service dogs that are being "distracted" never seem to be distracted just chillin happy to be out the house.

  8. I’ve seen cats as service animals before I’m not really sure if they can be a service animal and or Emotional animal.

  9. My GOAL in life, my DREAM is to train unwanted dogs in shelters to be service/police K9 dogs.
    THIS boils my blood!!!!
    THIS gives a BAD name to thoes that have REAL service dogs and cant go into a Walmart without people harassing them.
    I work in a place that ALLOWS dogs and pets and yet STILL i CONSTANTLY see time and time again people come in with dogs that HAVE a service vest and act JUST like these dogs! And it SICKENS ME!!
    My dog I saved from euthanasia because he was ‘too aggressive to rehome’ and he wears a camo vest that says NOWHERE on it ‘service’ or anything like that. It simply says ‘no touch, no talk, no eye contact’ and ‘in training, do not disturb’ and ‘handler bites’. Ive NEVER tried taking him anywhere where dogs are not allowed (unless he was a service) and I never WOULD, he can fly off the handles around other dogs. Im still working on that, but he is MUCH better than he was. LITERAL night and day difference. STILL no way in hell would I try to pass him off as a service animal!

  10. My Baron has been training for a year, he’s doing pretty well- but I feel AWFUL if he makes a mistake, he barked once the other day. A man snuck up right behind me and made kissy noises at him right over my shoulder. Bear was not impressed, and barked once. I know what the guy did was wrong on so many levels (geez, besides SD courtesy it’s quarantine!) I was asked to take him out, after we’d been waiting for three hours in the ER. That trip was too big an ask for him, I know the guy was wrong, but so was Baron. He’s not done that before, I think he was protective because I was so sick. My responsibility to train him though.

  11. Honestly, if your dog is a fake, I don’t care IF THEY CAN BEHAVE IN PUBLIC. The majority of the animals I saw in this clip were dogs that were scared. These are behaviors that usually can be worked through with the correct training and patience … but many of the dogs had the poking choke collars on. That isn’t going to help!

  12. THANK YOU! My daughter became blind at the age of 23 due to a TBI. *Fake service dogs are from SELFISH, ENTITLED people* ! Really, really, really be blind for LONGER than a week. How does it feel to navigate in public? Kristen & Euro now encounter probably double fake service dogs since 2009. Fake credentials, harnesses and vests. Kristen doesn’t KNOW if there are fake service dogs UNLESS she hears them and her hearing is sharp. One small bark for instance. *COMFORT DOGS ARE CALLED PETS*
    If you cannot go outside in public without your pet *STAY HOME* . Both of us did fly to one of her friend’s wedding and I was a guest as well. THREE OTHER DOGS and I did complain to the flight attendent.
    I don’t WANT to make a scene but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. *It is the AIRLINE’S FAULT* So desparate for money they allow it. Whatever happened to walking through the airport and ONLY seeing service dogs occasional. *It USED TO BE the law* !
    The Dog Guides of Canada & Guide Dog in the the U.S. have unfortunately opened Pandora’s box and now regrets. Mainly by allowing about seven different "disabilities" eligible. Six "spectrum" autistic. Blind, deaf and physically impaired should be IT. No more. It costs $25,000 per service dog. The point about austisic is that most cannot go out without their mothers or another adult. *The purpose is INDEPENDENCE* not a *conversation piece* . Not another *sympathy story* . And I’ll defend this with no problem.

  13. These are some of the reasons I have chosen to take my education in the direction of service dog trains and animal behavior/ psychology. We need educated actual trainers and behaviorists out there just like the ADA needs to make revisions on both the ESA and service dog laws and sectors. It has been swept under the rug for way too long

  14. Just wanted to say because the comments piss me off cats can be assistance animals in Canada have a good day

  15. Not only is this so selfish of these people to take these untrained dogs in public where they pose a risk to other people and real service dog teams but is so selfish bc none of their dogs seem comfortable with that level of stimulation and none of these people recognize it. So selfish to put their dog through so much stress bc “I wanted to take fluffy to the store with me bc I would just miss her too much”

  16. Why do people feel the need to bring there pets with them everywhere??? Like they aren’t even service dogs… they’re making it harder for every single person who actually needs a service dog. It’s clear when it’s not a service dog by the way they act.

  17. The jackass at 5:20 with that mesh muzzle is HORRIBLE. A muzzle that forces the mouth shut is inhumane as hell, especially if you make the dog wear it while walking. Dogs pant as a primary way to keep cool and forcing a dog to perform any amount of exercise with one on could cause serious problems to the dog’s health. Train your fucking dog and stop using these muzzles as "anti-bark" tools. Some people shouldnt own animals. If you’re going to muzzle your dog, do the research!

  18. All those people using prong collars, just choking the dog over and over and then wondering why the dog is scared, why the dog lashes out and fights and worries.

  19. personally id train my own sd. and my lab that isnt a sd behaves better than those fake service dogs and the badly trained ones too

  20. You shouldn’t even consider yourself a trainer let alone ‘the best’ trainer if your not going to help your client ESPECIALLY those in need and for $15,000 you better make sure they’re well trained to the day they die – absolute scam

  21. I have a emotional support dog and I well know that THAT is just awefule my dog is still in training but still I would never DARE to take my emotional support dog with me in a store because I know that’s just wrong I mean yes I would like to take her just in case of a panic attack but I will never ever take her somewhere she is not allowed to go

  22. I don’t really see anything wrong with other animals as long as they aren’t disruptive, loud, or destructive I mean I could see how a pig could be a little weird but man if it truly does help the person, I’mma just look the other way if I’ve got a problem

  23. This is so ridiculous you people are ridiculously prejudices against ESA’s.
    BTW… ESA provides a Service !!!!!!! by the very definition of service.

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