1. I have a ESA dog and I did fill out online. I also had to provide a therapist prescription, name address after I had did all that I did not have to pay for the esa prescription but everything else

  2. When I was 8 years old I was hit by a 76 Monte Carlo in a school zone doing over 65 miles an hour. I was in the hospital for two years had to learn how to walk and talk again and to feed myself. I’ve been shot with a shotgun I’ve been stabbed with a knife. I’ve had traumatic brain injuries and a pretty rough life. I’ve also had severe rheumatoid arthritis since I was young. But I do not need an emotional support animal. Some of these people just need to get over it.

  3. ESD DON’T HAVE afferization go into airports. From what I know of. Every state have different laws for the ADA.

  4. I have owner trained all of my service dogs and an id would make it extremely difficult for people like me who don’t go through a program. People should be educating others, not trying to set more rules. The current people who fake service dogs don’t care about the law and just want to have "fluffy" with them. Please just educate fakes can be prevented, majority of workers in stores don’t know their legal rights when it comes to service dogs.

  5. Pets and ESAs cause way to many problems and ruins things for service dog teams flying or not ESA not allowed to go stores restaurant etc so why should it fly? Leave your pets at home

  6. It’s so much easier for people to title their animals an esa because people usually can’t even tell one task that their “service dog” can do

  7. why is needing emotional support ‘fake’? It’s animal hating people who are fake… fake allergies, fake fear of germs, fake fear of every animal alive. Before the world was a prison planet critters were welcomed pretty much everywhere. Now only miserable ‘real’ handicapped service pet handlers can take their dogs in public. If you hate animals that much, please stay indoors and NEVER come out. You won’t be missed.

  8. Emotional Support animals are not covered by the ADA so if airlines are giving them the same rights as a Service animal then that is their fault.

  9. The reason of this is because some people do not want to risk the cargo because some pets die in cargo. They suffer heat strokes and abuse.

  10. If you need identification and permits to PARK IN THE HANDICAPPED SPOT, then the law should require the same for these people’s and their …..PETS , because of right now, THATS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE !

  11. I lost my eyesight for 8 months and probably will be blind . I know for a fact I would not be able to produce a piece of paper because it was hard enough to tie my shoes.

  12. I don’t understand why I limit the service dogs on the flight when you can just leave out the fake ones based on what their actions. I mean I get it some fake service dogs can act like a real service dog, but that still there still ways to leave out the fake ones. As a fellow service dog handler people that own businesses or have a place that the public can come in should have to take a test on ADA service animal laws. As well as have them posted for their employees! Cause I don’t know how many times I go into a store and get that one manager that thinks he knows it all harassing me causing me to have an episode cause they aren’t educated!


  14. Damn. I live in the U.K & even I know they totally screwed this & mislabelled almost everything. The lack of actual knowledge in this is atrocious.

    1) ESA & Service animals are NOT the same thing.
    2) Only dogs & miniature horses can be "service animals."
    3) There is no "register" or "paperwork" required for service animals.
    4) This is about ESA animals, not service animals. An ESA animal is virtually identical to a pet except it provides a "higher than average level of support."
    Service animals perform tasks, ESA animals do not.

    Why do I know more than a U.S news company when I don’t even live in that country?

  15. If service dogs are medical equipment and since a fake service dog is a risk to the public, then why not classify them like risky drugs and require a prescription to bring them in public? I can’t carry a handful of Vicodin around without a valid prescription, so why not for service dogs? Most people with disabilities (including me) see doctors on a regular basis anyway, so it wouldn’t be that big of an inconvenience. There could be different classifications for the service dog depending on the level of access needed. You could also have a certain dog’s permission to work revoked (temporarily or permanently, depending on the level of misbehavior) if they caused trouble (limiting the impact of doctors who give out prescriptions willy-nilly) while still allowing that person to have the prescription so they could try a different dog.

  16. Putting this issue on the news does not solve the issue. There are agencies that create laws around this topic that can be handled by lawfully.

  17. I have a legitimate service dog and it’s so fucking frustrating when people are like "ohhhh my gawd I have *dramatic breathing* problems so uh my dog fluffy is gonna call me with mee"
    Like no bitch fluffy isn’t coming

  18. I feel like people forget about service mini horses. And since people think they can just bring any animal as a service or ESA SMH’s probably get a bad rap. Now i have never seen one but they do exist and are very important. Allergies are not an excuse to not allow an service animal on a plane.

  19. As it stands the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act does not require any form of indentifiers like a harness, special collar-leash combos, or tags for service dogs. The ADA does not require professional training as long as the owner/trainer is capable of training the dog on his or her own. You still have to adhere to the requirements of the dog having excellent basic obedience and social skills an must alert to the handlers condition and/or be trained to do a minimum of three tasks in order to be labeled as a service dog. Most pet dog owners do not train their dogs in excellent basic obedience let alone train even ok basic obedience.

  20. Allegiant airplane company ask us to have a medical document write par mydoctor and the dog’s veterinarian! Or,no flying!

  21. I know ADA laws because I DO have a service dog, and all registries are fake and it just makes this problem worse because workers can’t kick you off they can only ask “is that a service dog” and “what tasked are it trained to do”

  22. I have a Service Dog to help me balance because I’m a stroke survivor with 3 knee surgeries. He’s 120 lbs and when I flew with him I had to BUY HIM HIS OWN SEAT! Fly free? NOPE!

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