Feeding All My Pets! // VLOGMAS DAY 8

Feeding All My Pets! // VLOGMAS DAY 8

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Yay vlogmas! 😀 Follow me around today as I do my daily pet care routine, starting with giving Henry the rabbit his medication, feeding everyone, and setting up a new culture of fruit flies for my dart frogs to eat.

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  1. I think you should make the leopard geckos home a bit bigger because I do like it but I think if it was bigger it she would have a lot of room to move around even though there is but she would have a bigger room I’m not trying to be mean but I’m just telling the truth I just passed she in there because the name Sylvia sounds like a girl name

  2. My dreams to have to live with pretty girl like u with the pretty animals in my house,i love u^re life so much

  3. Your cats are very polite. I can’t do anything at all in the morning before feeding mine. As soon as I wake, they’re all sat outside my bedroom door waiting for me.

  4. Jenny I couldn’t find your video where you bought plants and recommend that seller.I am setting high tech planted tank and don’t know where to buy healthy plants. Thanks.

  5. Esos gatos estan sobrealimentados por eso se vuelven inutiles y letargados para poder cazar un simple rato no manches Domino

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