1. That pup looks just like my Dane that I just got he’s 8 weeks and I feed him Purina Pro Plan Focus large breed puppy and he loves it.

  2. Hi doc, i would like to ask.
    I have a german shepherd. The first time he with me is when he 2 month old, my vet suggest me to give him calcium and vitamin. And timberwolf legend for his daily food. And now he already 3 month old. Should i give him calcium? And can i give him timberwolf because timberwolf is all life stage dogfood? Thank you.

  3. Thank you doctor looking forward to seeing more of your videos I just got a very large breed puppy I needed info so thank you

  4. My vet said to stay away from Dog food advisors the man who runs the site is not a vet his a human dentist . I have a Lad/dane puppy he almost died from eating the Rachel Ray food . I changed it to Hills science diet large breed puppy food he broke out into rashes and then I changed it to a local food still large breed puppy food but he stopped eating it . Can you recommend something else I thought about making my own food but I’m worried about the cost .I moved away from Ny where Diesel vet is so I haven’t found him a vet here yet to get their thought own food .

  5. Feed raw Food like Chicken, lamb, beef and so on. DO NOT feed processed pet food. That is the single reason why dogs develop Hip dysplasia. Go and see the book titled : Foods Pets Die For by Anne Martin. Very eye opening.

  6. My Dogo argentino is 10 months, 105 lbs , 29 inches at the withers. He eats royal canin giant breed puppy food. 32 protein , 12 fat. How much bigger will he get if he’s only 10 months?

  7. Hey, Doc! I had a question for you! My girlfriend has a 12 year old medium dog and recently my girlfriend’s father bought cheap dollar store food. It seems to me that the dogs don’t like it as much because she won’t touch her food as much as she did when we’d give her other dog food but I digress. I wanted to ask if it’s unhealthy for them to eat cheap dollar food? Her father won’t buy regular food so I want to convince him to buy her regular food.

  8. Thank you doc, my Presa is at a 3 with slight rib cage showing however I was thinking that the ribs showing was not healthy thank you for explaining. I’m feeding raw adding calcium and fats accordingly.

  9. Hello Dr. Martinez, I am sorry I am asking u this question on a video that has nothing to do with my topic but I had no other way to ask you and i am worried about my puppy. She threw up 2 times in a row and then had a little bit of diarrhea about 10 minutes later. I do know they need a second round of shots before they are fully protected from parvo, etc but, she has had her first round of shots not long ago but, my question is, can she get sick like this if she messed with or licked a toad? Of course my back yard has a lot of them and I didn’t see her do it but, I did go out and find a dead toad right out my back door, after she got sick. I finally got her to eat some but, it still scares me. I am so scared she’s going to get parvo before we get her fully vaccinated. Please tell me the dangers in dogs and toads. tysm and have a blessed day, Judy

  10. What a beauty! (I mean the puppy) I love it that the ears have been left natural. Years ago, my friends puppy went thru so much when one ear wouldn’t stay upright. πŸ™

  11. Can you please make a video on when to spay a large breed female dog(I have a golden retriever puppy). This has been a hot topic, but I’m so lost on back and forth,I don’t no what to do. Please, please, this would be so much appreciated. Yes, I’ve done research, but guess what, I’m still undecided. #gregMartinezdvm

  12. Excellent video Dr. Martinez! I keep my Bernese Mtn Dog pups on puppy food for 6-12 months, then switch them over to adult. Sometimes I’ll keep them on puppy until 6 mos. of age depending on the "bone" of our berners. I’ve been importing dogs from Chile’ and our latest from Italy, breeders there are bringing back the "true" Bernese Mtn Dog, they are big with a lot of bone. Beautiful breedings. Knock on wood I haven’t had any problems or any pano as I have seen and had here in The States. To those with pure bred dogs, please listen to your breeder(s), most of us have been breeding & showing our dogs for a long time and have been through trials and tribulations. :o)Β 

  13. My problem was finding a kibble size that wasn’t huge!!! The food was all huge even though my Keva is a large breed, is still SMALL and a PUPPY!!! The only one that had small kibble was Fromm!!! Fromm large breed puppy food has small kibble size!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND personally!!! And I think it is high quality!!

  14. Thank you very much, i was concerned about my french Mastiff, but now know he is healthy as I can see 3 ribs at the age of 5 years …. πŸ™‚

  15. Thank you for making this video to help educate people on large breed puppy nutrition. Since you mentioned Dog Food Advisor I’d like to share a DFA forum that was important to me when feeding my Heeldaney (Heeler/Great Dane) puppy. See page 35 or 36 in the forum for a link to a document that lists approved foods – ones that meet the calcium percentage and either growth or all life stages. It includes grain inclusive, grain free and raw food diets or check out Dr. Martinez’s book! http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/forums/topic/large-and-giant-breed-puppy-nutrition/

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