Feelin’ Groovy Like A Familiar Tee


Comfortable things such as clothing, by their very nature, don’t make the “most stylish and best dressed” list. Fabrics now seem to have their own technology as well as dress codes that are non existent in some work environments. In the not too distant past, the 70’s hair issues were hot button for any male with hair past their shoulders, as they could almost certainly expect some resistance. However nowadays, long hair in a variety of styles like Mohawks and school kids are common place and are generally considered normal.Clothing now comes with the option of stretchy fibers that make them very comfortable to wear for longer periods. Jeans have also made their way into the comfortable market. This is a step above their fashionable yet usually uncomfortable past. This new breed of jeans will allow breathing with easy with the stretchy technology. T-shirts have finally shed its past constraints and has several new blends that will hold shape better and longer as well materials other than cotton.Jeans and t-shirts have finally made their way onto the fashion runways these days. They have become more acceptable in more places. Just like Master Card and Visa they have found wide acceptance and can be bought in several styles, leaving their past in the dust. Jeans are available for any body style and t-shirts have become the rage of the age.Stretch jeans have become a hit with high school and middle school kids in most every American town mostly because of the top to bottom fantastic fit. The most popular style outfit includes these jeans, flat converse sneakers and a self explanatory t-shirt to make the outfit complete. Converse sneakers have become a walking mural with all the doodling and drawing that makes each pair unique.Today’s fashions are so full of fun and excitement. T-shirts for instance have a very diverse fan club like the youngsters that like to sport one of many elaborate designs that they can relate to and mesh with their peer group. These statements can be silent but effective or can easily blend in with the acceptable school uniforms.

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