Film Theory: Pixar's Up, How Many Balloons Does It Take To Lift A House?

Film Theory: Pixar's Up, How Many Balloons Does It Take To Lift A House?

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Have you ever wondered if the house in Up could really float away on balloons? So have I but that is not the most INTERESTING question! You see, people have tried to figure that out before. What I aim to do today, Loyal Theorists, is figure out the actual COST of making a balloon powered flying house WORK! That’s right, we are not stopping until this house would really fly!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editor: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. MatPat: The obvious theory is about, whether you can make the house fly with balloons.
    Me: How does that dog talk?! Would that even be possible?

  2. Let me give you a riddle riddle me this riddle me that let me sing you a song about the sea but I half to go the song of the sea is coming to me

  3. The only things that bothered me was MatPad saying that Carl is going to ANOTHER continent when in fact he’s just going down front top to bottom of the same continent

  4. Matpat. I know this is irrelevant to THIS video, but it is about 1 of your older videos. Your Spiderman theory about the next line of Spiderman movies. Jamie Foxx just took to social media to announce he is playing Electro in the next spider movie. This means we now have 5/6 sinister 6. Only 1 missing is Doc Oc or Green Goblin.

  5. "Two shower curtains won’t help Carl steer"
    Actually, Carl also set up a steering wheel connected to the makeshift sails. So it steers like a sailboat. When you steer the wheel, it moves the sails as well. Which lets you get the right draft of wind.

  6. Yo why does Fiona from Shrek keep the ogre form after finding "the true love" also remember that Fiona’s father don’t talk or do a think to help his daughter when he realize she’s an ogre like talking to the fairy y’know, I’m really confused bout that so if you could do a theory bout it I would be really happy, Thanks 🙂

  7. I want your videos a lot and I suggest that you do or video I mean a theory that include Karen being underwater and still living can you film Theory master

  8. As someone who lives very near where MatPat grew up (he’s from a place in northern Ohio called Medina) I can confirm that burning rivers are indeed a Cleveland thing to do

    Also MatPat if you see this I’m originally from Elyria but live in Grafton

  9. All well and good
    But the house would probably fall apart, the fishing line has no hope for survival, and for over 5 million dollars he’d be better off putting tank treads on the house and make it a james bond style boat or sub

  10. I think it’s a great time of year for something done on over the garden wall, not only do I love that little miniseries I feel like it holds a lot of mystery, just throwing it out there

  11. Here’s a challenge do a video about iron man 3 and find out how much money he spend on all of the Iron men/man suits

  12. Another thing to consider is what was connecting the balloons to the house

    It was the grill of the fireplace which makes me wonder how all that weight was being supported by that ONE grill that was merely bolted down

  13. There’s one detail, I was waiting to hear, and it sounded like you were going to say. But, Carl’s house had to break away from the foundation, which points to an extra question. How many more, balloons, and how much extra helium, until you have the force needed to break away from the foundation? You spoke about the weight of the foundation, but not breaking away from it. And, when a balloon is tied down, then it usually has a harder time, fly- er- floating away. So, there for, additional force, would be needed.

    Awesome video, by the way! I love, Film, Game, and (now) Food Theorist. I can’t get enough, of any of them!

  14. Mr. Matpat can you do another stranger things theory potential theories:
    1.It took heat to revive will and billy a random flash back sene, could he have just been a pawn is some grand scheme
    2. If the mind flair is dead how come there was a demagorgen in Russia
    3. Could Russians really create these tunnel systems without no one noticing in the 80’s
    Ps. If you do, do another stranger things theory use s1 e7 12:17

  15. Can you do a Ben 10 theory the original not the reboot. If you do
    Ben 10
    Ben 10 Alien force
    Ben 10 ultimate alien
    Ben 10 Omniverse

  16. So the eletro from the other multiverse is going to be in the Tom Holland one so what is eletro came then Tom couldn’t take care of it so the other spider men have to come and help.

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