First 10 Steps When Training a Service Dog. Episode 1

First 10 Steps When Training a Service Dog. Episode 1

Welcome to a new series on my channel. In this series I will be training a German Shepherd Dog named Harley to be a service dog.

In episode one I will be teaching Harley the first ten steps that I follow when training a service dog. These steps do not include socializing or confidence building. These steps are for obedience, as it’s important for a service dog to always be obedient.

Harley’s Breeder:

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  1. Great stuff. I have been a hobby trainer for 20+ years and I learned so much from this video and others that Nate has produced.

  2. Hi I really enjoy your videos .I always loved Sheppards .I got sick last year and my son got me a female she was amazing,but out of the blue she went to bed a very happy girl playing with my daughters dog I put her to bed and she passed in the process of getting a pup but my son wants a male I say female because she had a couple of issues he thinks female has more issues.i did have males but she was amazing what are the up and down between male and female .this dog was so smart she had 1 way with my wife gentle with me she would play but not really tough and my son all out .if you can have a an opinion I would be grateful thanks

  3. I hope service dogs become more accepted in the Philippines… It’s sad that until now service dogs haven’t reached mainstream popularity in my country yet.

  4. I am so pleased I came across your channel Nate. Absolutely brilliant. I cant see what you are doing very well ( registered blind) but, your explanations are so good, I dont really need to. I have just been matched with my first guide dog and beginning training – so, hearing all of this is excellent and a great understanding of what has been happening to my guide dog already, and for me to keep up with things. Thank you so very much – excellent job

  5. How old was Harley at the beginning of this video? And was there anything you taught her before this training began?

  6. How many days do you train each command before adding another to the regime and how many weeks per step? Also I’m getting two 6wk old pups soon and want to train for protection. Should I get my fiance to train one or can I train two pups at once?

  7. Hello Nate, I just got a new German Shepherd puppy and i am very excited to start training her. wanted to ask you what do you use for treats? Just regular puppy food ?

  8. "Most people do this." Dang, shot through the heart, bro. Oof. Haha. JK, jk. Awesome video that will help me and my pup.

  9. I adopted a dog who is almost 3yo and has had no training other than the sit command. Is it too late to try and teach her following your methods?

  10. Thank you Nate! My beautiful blue Merle collie service dog passed away the beginning of June. I found a wonderful breeder of standard poodles who breeds for service dog mentality. She also uses puppy culture to start them. I’ll be training this one myself once she’s born, late November/early December. So I started looking for training videos and came across yours. I’m so excited to have found such an awesome teacher! I hope that you will be able to have the rest of the service dog training videos by the time we’ll need them. Keep up the good work! I think I’ve watched all of your videos so far!

  11. I’ve trained many, many horses. That’s really helped me with dog training. Some of the principles are similar. What I have also learned, is regardless of species, it takes endless patience, and kindness. You have to learn to effectively communicate. This is why I come here. Thank you so much!

  12. How to you teach the concept of no to a dog so if they hear it they know it’s wrong? My family usually just gives a little smack on the nose but I don’t want to hit my service dog in any way

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