1. I know my life goals 🙂 I’ll start my own dog business , or be rich and take them all… and let nice families adopt them into a forever home 🙂

  2. Heartbreaking story… if all humans beings were like you, the world would be much better… Thanks…. 1:19

  3. They say adoption is better but did y’all see those adoption fees?? I’m not against adoption because every animal needs a
    Home. But don’t say it’s better, it’s just a great alternative due to what they’ve been through.

  4. I hope someone who’s a handyman or in construction could donate his/her expertise in fixing the wall for free. That way, the money saved could be used to rescue other animals. 2:27

  5. Aww. This is so sweet. She laid her head on Irene’s shoulder, I loved it. She knew she had a new mommy.

  6. This is going to be a difficult decision for us to make. Too many of them are so darling. I’m 61 and live in an apartment and want to make sure they will be healthy and comfortable.

  7. That’s so sad they left the other dog behind. I have 2 shih tzu’s bc my mom couldn’t leave the other pup behind 🙂 ❤️

  8. Guys, while keeping Littermates together sounds nice and is a cute concept, often times as they get older they start picking on each other or even start fighting. Every breeders litter always gets seperated. Its better for the pups most of the time

  9. It breaks my heart you didn’t get both I’m crying that they got separated imagine getting. Separated from your family or siblings. That’s what those two are going through they probably won’t ever see each other again at least get a friend to buy the other and visit once in a while 🙁

  10. im sad you got a puppy, from the sounds of it you were aiming to get a puppy from there you really should have gave an older dog a chance, sure puppies are cute but the rewarding love you get from an older dog is amazing it doesn’t need to be a dog thats nearing the end of its life and i understand why not so many people go for those ( normally have health issues that may cost a lot, you will be heartbroken faster) but it would have been amazing to at LEAST go for a dog who is over 1 years old and give a home to a dog that has already had a life before who needs someone to help them enjoy a new life, that puppy would have been adopted fast and would most likely never experience a long time in that shelter and would probably never remember it but those older dogs will and they can be so loving and grateful for what you have done for them and you can end up with a best friend who will cherish you for saving its life

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