Florida law designed to stop phony service dogs – all bark no bite

Florida law designed to stop phony service dogs – all bark no bite

Contact 5 Investigator Katie LaGrone discovers why the law designed to stop phony service pets appears to be all bark and no bite.

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  1. Unless they mandate a vest or a a caller. I don’t see a stop to this problem bc the u can only ask 2 questions and both of them are yes/no so if u ask them and they say yes u can’t ask them anything after that or your liable if there a real one

  2. The funny thing is that I remember hearing about this once in a while when I was growing up, but now it’s everywhere
    When I was about 12, I saw an episode of Judge Joe Brown where a man was being sued because his dog went crazy in the store
    They showed video of the dog growling and barking and yelping out of control and running around all over the place
    I don’t think she was on her leash
    The man claimed she helped him because he was epileptic
    I think he lost the case
    Maybe that dog started everything
    Who would’ve thought

  3. If the dog is barking (unless that’s a trained alert task) or otherwise being disruptive there is already a provision in the ADA for asking them to leave. We don’t need stricter laws. The ADA is vague on purpose. It covers as many disabled people as possible. What we need is business owners actually knowing the law.

  4. passing a law and assuming the people breaking it won’t continue to do so is like assuming if you passed a law to not liter that people still won’t do it…. oh wait it is a law and people still litter

  5. A summary of the story… the penalty for ASKING more than two questions ‘is that a service dog’ and ‘what does it do for you’ has teeth and is no joke… now, all these people who pass off their PETS, not even comfort animals but PETS have NO PENALTY!?!?  Wake up FLA and the other 14 states… get DENTURES for your laws. lol

  6. After I Can’t Go Anywere Because I Can’t Drive And My Mom Couldn’t Drive Anymore And I Already Decided And It’s Yes That I Can Have One So I Trying To Save Up For Miniature Husky I Will Gear Him Up And Get Service Dog ID Card For Both And There Goes I Really Am Disable Person

  7. I live here in SW Florida and know a woman who freely admitted she got false papers and vest just so she could take her ill behaved dogs out in public with her. I no longer associate with her.

  8. I think only way fakes will go away is that programs tests there dogs before and after placement with a handler n owner trainer would need a trainer trained in service dog work to sign off that they witnessed and tested dogs temperament obedience and tasks and reactions to people animals sounds etc and when a trainer signs off a owner trainer dog is trained as a real SD they turn in a paper from trainer to the state and state ask handler dogs measurements and then a vest be issued n shut done scam registries and buying online

  9. What really pisses me off is that when people have real service dogs, and they’re in the same area as a fake one, the fake one could easily attack the real one and mess up that poor dog’s life mentally. I’m sure there has to be cases out there where service dogs had to retire early due to trauma. I would LOVE to bring my dog everywhere I go with me, but that’s not how the world works and more people need to deal with that fact.

  10. I feel for the real service dogs but the woman had a fake one barking and running around in the airport and what she said about how her dog was a service dog

  11. 2:27 please tell me that’s not a damn ID tag. The irony that they are talking about how you can falsely buy an ID tag online yet he has one for his dog *face palm*

  12. My service animals just died and she is a blood pressure detector but I had a fake service animal attack her and almost kill her this isn’t okay

  13. Fake service dogs are SUCH a big problem for REAL teams like myself and my cardiac/blood pressure alert dog Rudy.

  14. I’ve never had any kind of service dog in my life and I’ve been living with astuim since I was age 2 and now I’m in my late 20s and need 1 to help with my austuim

  15. Stupid and bad people putting real service dogs at risk my boy has gotten attacked almost 13 time by small and big dogs of all breeds in service dog vests please stop my dog is worth 20.000 dollars and takes two years of training

  16. When I’m with my medical alert service dog one time we where at the grocery store and this lady petted my dog and I said don’t pet my dog shes medical alert and she always listens to comanda and ignored the lady and contuined to task for me and she did miss one alert and I fainted and and she did light pressure theraphy distracteded me and reminded me to take medince for my PTSD and the lady asked after my episode that why can’t I pet the dog I said she’s my service dog don’t pet her and instead of asking if I’m okay the lady started making kissy noises and me and my service dog left and dident get back I’m just glad I dident black out this is why you shouldent distract service dogs because I almost fainted

  17. My problem is when they hold the dog and then have dog butt and salvia on their hand . Then touch vegetables and fruits you eat. That a health issue.

  18. Make a law where you need to see something that’s proves its a service dog. I don’t want your dumb dog running up to me cuz I’ll kick it’s face.

  19. I agree with this but quit just showing seeing eye dogs. You have alert dogs, help dogs , PTSD. MAYBE THESE PLACES NEED EDUCATION. IF ITS A UNRULY DOG OR RELIEVES ITSELF YOU DINT NEED TO ALLOW THEM.

  20. Go to Festival Fleamarket, on Sample Road at Pompano Beach, Florida. There is a lot of people with dog on cart, who bark like fools. It’s not service dog and nobody says something! This make me mad! I have an Emotional Support Dog and NEVER I bring my dog there!!!

  21. What task can a dog do from inside a enclosed stroller or carrier? Nothing. Also, why do they have most of the fake service dogs in this small dogs. I may have a big dog breed as a service dog but there are legitamite small service dogs too

  22. It is a little annoying becuase I have watched a lot of service dog related news reports this past week and most of them are talking about how easy it is to get a service dog id and how there are a lot of fake service dogs. But what I find they talk least about how it affects real handlers medical situations

  23. ADA protects public access for SAs. A business can ask 1) is this a service animal, and 2) what tasks is it trained to perform. If the animal toilets improperly, or it misbehaves (runs around, jumps on people, etc.) And the owner fails to take control, then SA or not, the business can have them removed, though the owner can return without the animal to complete their business. Housing cannot charge pet deposits, fees, or rent for SAs and must allow exceptions to any ‘no pets’ rules they may have. Religious organizations (eg. churches, religious schools, etc.) are exempt from ADA.
    The Fair Housing Act covers ESAs and allows them exceptions to ‘no pets’ policies in housing and pet deposits, fees, and rent, with certain exceptions.
    ACAA covers airline travel instead of ADA and allows for both SAs and ESAs, but the rules are slightly different. SAs for physical disabilities can be allowed on a plane with just the owner’s verbal confirmation that it’s a SA, or vest, tags, or training certificate. But for both ESAs and SAs for mental disabilities (eg. panic attacks, ptsd, etc.) It requires a note from a mental health doctor stating the owner is using the animal to treat/support a mental condition or disability (doesn’t need to specify what it is).

  24. As if there was ever some special place that made service dog equipment and vest?? What does going online to obtain a service dog vest have to do with the animals legitimacy?

  25. Thing is disabled people using the ada law get their service dog into places that should have dogs at all I was in public school with a blind guy he did not need his guide dog there , I do not believe service dogs need to be in food stores .
    If people have ptsd need a therapy dog , then they have a right to it treated a medical animal
    How dare this man tell other they cannot have their dog treated as service animal

  26. I can’t stand people who do that. I used to be physically disabled for several months and I was qualified to get a service dog but I turned it down. I felt I would make speedy recovery and that I would want someone else to use that service dog. Someone who needs it more than me because I was 22 years old at the time and I didn’t a service dog.

  27. That’s not right at all. I am working with a service dog trainer while I’m also doing home training as well and let me tell you, it isn’t cheap. My dog still needs a lot more training before I will take her into the public.

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