Frequently Asked Questions About Service Dogs and How to Train a Service Dog- Utah Dog Trainers

Frequently Asked Questions About Service Dogs and How to Train a Service Dog- Utah Dog Trainers

Http:// or call 801-895-2731 for more information on our service dogs, service dogs for sale, and service dog training.

Our dog training is based in Salt Lake City, Utah but we are able to provide service dogs anywhere in the world.

In this video I talk about different types of service dogs we work with (PTSD, anxiety, autism, mobility, diabetic alert, seizure response, hearing, and more), I go over how much a service dog costs, how long it takes to train a service dog, what breeds can be used for service dogs, what age to start with and much more.


  1. Im training my own psychiatric service dog and I was wondering if I need a special trainer for like a PAT or can I just do it myself and also wondering do I need a doctor’s note or something to be able to have one or not just wondering

  2. jw why seizure dogs are more high end costs? Because I read seizure alerting is inherent, can’t be trained. it’s there or it’s not. no middle area. also my untrained dog that was a long haired doxie was good at seizure alerting. no specific training involved.

  3. i love that you use adult dogs. Im currently looking for a 1 to 3 yr old who has been well socialized to be my new service dog. One reason i need a service dog is for mobility and ive read lots of horror stories on how some puppies didnt grow to be as expected and were therefore not big enough to be mobility dogs. I also read some when they grow up dont pass their ofa test. i get attached very easy. Granted some adult dogs dont pass their ofa test either but i can pay for an adult to get their test right away and if they dont pass dont bring them home so i only invested a few days tops with them before knowing i cant have the dog where with a puppy i would spent 18 mos to or possibly 3 yrs of bonding b4 knowing this dog did not pass his ofa test and can therefore not be a mobility dog. Where i live im not allowed to have pets so i would than have to rehome the dog i fell in love with more every day for 2 yrs.

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