Funniest Moments Baby Meet Animals – Hilarious Fails

Funniest Moments Baby Meet Animals – Hilarious Fails

Funniest Moments Baby Meet Animals – Hilarious Fails
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  1. That baby deserves to Be bit by that lizard I mean she was pretty much just squishing his face I would bite her head off If I was that lizard

  2. The kids aren’t cruel. They literally cannot handel fragile things until 6 or 7. Their brains haven’t developed enough to understand how to handel animals with care. That being said, Its disgusting to see adults allowing their kids to be around small animals and laugh when they are hurt.

  3. It is NOT fucking funny to let your kids be rough with the poor baby animals teach them to be gentle and kind to everyone and everything. This makes me cringe. I know they don’t know better but don’t just sit there and laugh and film it fucking stop it immediately! This is animal abuse and it’s fucking sick that adults are laughing and letting it happen!

  4. Un día yo y mi famili estábamos en un parque alimentando a un pez viene un ave y le quita el pan a mi hermano y mi hermano lo avienta al agua XD

  5. All these babies are either holding the animal’s head or tail which I don’t approve if the parents were going to show them animals they should have thighs them how to behave with them but if the animal’s bite them I do not com in that or either the parents are laughing or not helping them yes they probably helped them off camera but at least show some good gesture your going around the WORLD

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  7. trabalho pra vc tbm não estar passando por um momento difícil e o nildo Maria Laura do que não estar Eva de Maria Laura do que não cursando 4ano e a elane amaro de Maria Laura do que não estar passando na O que

  8. I hate this so much this is animal abuse why are parents so slow at acting animals got hurt during this the duck and the chick some of the little animals were almost killed i haye thos because of animal abuse idc if they are babys and they dont know its sad watching an animal suffer in the grasp of a baby when the animals skull and get crushed and fractured.and also the parents not doing anything and filming not caring about the animal and letting the babys continue to hurt the animal.i am hating the people who made these clips i am not hating on the channel

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