Funny Baby and Animals Playing Together – Baby and Pets Video

Funny Baby and Animals Playing Together – Baby and Pets Video

☞ Video: Funny Baby and Animals Playing Together – Baby and Pets Video
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  1. At 8:35 the kid gets revenge. He is under attack. He gets finally a bigger shot, then the goat misses, then he goat jumps to an other attacking position to not hit the dog. This is where the video ends. No grown up around, he probably got an other vugger hit. This time he alrdy been standing for seconds by giving up crying.

  2. This monkey is dead now. Poisoned. Look in to the name Arroz Marisco and the videos Investigative videography. And all the Staff at You Tube can do it as Well. This abuse must end.

  3. Hey what happened to Nanny Sok and her picking up the baby… didn’t want to see babies and animals. Don’t mean to sound so Harsh. Can you please fix it?

  4. Wish every child could experience living on a farm for at least a couple years. It gives you the love for animals and the compassion for them. The understanding of what hard work is. I was raised on a farm and as bad as my adopted father was the memories of living on that farm was amazing for me. It really helps a child get through the bad times just because you can love on something that will love you back. My fondest memory is we had a Billygoat there was no going outside unless you had a broom. He would always wait until you’re back was turned and give you a little nudge on your butt and you would go flying forward. Great memories on the farm

  5. Vui quá xin ké xíu nhé. Em bé thật dể thương thảo ăn và thương mấy con vật quá. Vui quá trời luôn

  6. It’s lovely to see animals being man handled and poked by kids, fed dummies(pacifiers) it’s so cute. Good parenting.
    When the animal flattens your kid or bites them then the Animal is in the wrong though…

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