Funny Baby Bunny Rabbit Videos #9 – Cute Rabbits 2018

Funny Baby Bunny Rabbit Videos #9 – Cute Rabbits 2018

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Check out these funny rabbits and cute bunnies in this funny and cute bunny rabbit videos compilation!

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  1. You should be ashamed of promoting some of these clips where animals are treated like toys, rabbits in dresses being attacked by cats.
    you are disgusting morons

  2. Why are the bunnies eating carrots!? It’s very unhealthy!! Carrots are basically treats! Not normal food like leafy greens, pellets and hay!

  3. Some parts of this compilation are not funny because or the bunny is terrified because of other animals or is in a cage, bunnies don’t belong in cages! And they are at the bottom of the circle of the life

  4. I only watched this because my rabbit died February 2 so I just wanted to see a little bit of how rabbits acted because I forgot

  5. i felt bad for the bunny being hit in the face by the cat… not even a rabbit owner (though I hope to be in the future) and I got so anxious just seeing it.

  6. I don’t know why people think it’s cute to see bunnies actively stressed out by dogs and cats and other animals. They are prey animals and they are always scared for their lives. Don’t let other animals with your bunny for gods sake.

  7. You all need to stop overreacting, like many people said, rabbits can get along with any animal as long as they bond, it’s not always I’mma murder this bun, it’s more like. Playful bunny and other animal play.

  8. 3:32 LET ME STOP U RIGHT THERE! Bunny’s/Rabbits do not belong in cages! Wheres the hay in the litter box? That cage is so small also I hope theres is a water bowl not a water bottle in there.Also that cage door is so small the bunny/Rabbit probably hit it’s head alot hopping out of the cage.Also HIDEY HOUSE??? Do these people know bunny’s/rabbits are prey animals?If not then don’t get a bunny I want to go there right now and help that poor thing

  9. 4:45 Beautiful friendship between the cat and the little bunny. Is an example of love for all mankind.

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