Funny Baby Playing with Animals – Funny Pet Videos

Funny Baby Playing with Animals – Funny Pet Videos

☞ Video: Funny Baby Playing with Animals – Funny Pet Videos
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  1. Que raiva que da vê ISO as criança coloca tudo na boca como que meu primo quando era pequeno não colocava nada na boca

  2. Cattle dogs were bred to round up the herds, very quick intelligent animals and there is no way In hell you’d allow them to learn to chew/pull on a child’s clothing. Touch wood nothing bad ever happens, but if it does, I hope it comes back to bite you on your ass.

  3. These clips are perfect examples of why babies should not be around small animals. These dumbasses think it’s funny when there kid grabs a animal by its head and would carry on filming and laugh instead of getting the animal free. Morons!!

  4. Some of these children are to young to be playing with some of these animals, especially birds, cat and rabbit which needs tender care.

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  6. i hate to be “one of those people” but a lot of these kittens, birds(chicken, bird, etc.), bunnies and puppies were in distress and those parents just allowed their kids to horribly squeeze them, choke them and hurt them? that’s simply not okay and honestly makes me sick. i thought it was adorable when the dog/puppy and the baby were actually playing and no distress was involved, but this is just sick.

  7. Das tut einem im Herzen weh, zu sehen wie viele Tiere in diesem Video gequält werden. Eltern sollten sich nicht hinter ihre Babies verstecken und es gut heißen, was mit den Tieren gemacht wird. Das lachen der scheinbar Erwachsenen Menschen, lassen die Kinder glauben, das diese Quälerei ok wäre.Traurig!!!

  8. Babies and small birds DO NOT mix. I consider some of these clips to be abusive. If you own a pet, but do not monitor them with your children and allow the child to handle them inappropriately, then you (the parent) are committing animal abuse.
    Shame on you!

  9. I thought this was gonna be a cute vid, bit most of these are like the babies grabbing at the animals all wrong. Some of them had me scared for the animals :((

  10. pradeep kindo mamu. raju kindo lafing me toking dipresan raju kindo mami my ceek cencar..dogi my hand…cut odisha raurkela tara pur gete

  11. I like almost all clips but parent who put little animal like the birds to near of their children und the child’s are taking them is so brutal to me

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