Funny, Cute Pet Skunk Adventures!

Funny, Cute Pet Skunk Adventures!

Owning a pet skunk can be quite an adventure from playing in ball pits, running around the house, and chasing the dogs. I’ve wanted a pet skunk since I was 10-years old, and I have finally been able to fulfill that dream. I encourage you to commit to the next adventure in your life by following your dreams!


  1. These pet skunks are usually descented and also spayed or neutered which helps control their behavior. I remember seeing them in Ohio in pet shops years ago. You can also purchase other wild animals such as foxes, raccoons, and bobcats as well. All are highly recommended to be spayed or neutered and scent glands removed. I don’t think the bobcats would be good pets because you also have to declaw them to prevent serious injury.

  2. So cute ! I have two wild skunks come to my back porch every night to eat cat food. I always feed them. They are fun too watch.

  3. I think Little Skunk chases the Bernese vs. the Husky b/c the mostly black Bernese w/white resembles Mom, & that Little Skunk might still be near Mommy in the wild….

  4. i love the play they do, My dog and Cha also get along good they eat together. BUT I dare not try to add food to his bowel. He will bite. LOL I have been educating people for years about not being afraid of a wild one. I cam outside to this in the city this week. instead of taking pics i was more worried about him getting spooked and running away.

  5. I’m so happy that your dream has come true, AdventurousHeart!! Your Skunk is soooo precious!! I too have wanted a pet Skunk for a long time. But I don’t know how to get one that is already de-scented and still a baby. I really want one to be a companion and fun friend. Due to a skin defect that I was born with I lead a very lonely life and would like a pet Skunk to keep me company. If you have any suggestions, tips or advice I would like to hear them.

  6. Cute animals 🙂 but… I have a question 🙂 I am sorry but this is a stereotype question because I don’t know much about this cute animals. How do they smell? What is they everyday smell? Greetings from Poland 🙂

  7. I have a wild skunk living under the shed near my car. Scared the heck out of me the first time I encountered it. I scared it too. It ran away to hide under the shed and got slightly stuck, I almost wet myself laughing watching it try to get back under! Anyway, we put up with each other on the mornings we meet, no smell, no scare for either of us. I will let it stay there till spring, then wall off the hole it made again.

  8. Your little skunk is so cute and I just love how well your dogs treat him/her. I would absolutely love to be able to have skunks for pets, but I unfortunately live in a state where it’s illegal to own skunks so I have to resort to caring for the wild ones. For the past 5 years or so, I have been feeding our neighborhood skunks on a nightly basis and I’ve never been bitten or sprayed. They are such sweet animals who are so misunderstood. During the wintertime, I’ll usually have 2 or 3 skunks come each night to eat, but in the summer months my yard fills up with as many as 30 of them a night. We have a big wooden fence that surrounds our backyard, and each night they make their way under our fence and wait under some bushes for me to emerge with their dinner. As soon as they hear me step out onto the patio, here they all come running and gather under my feet on my patio and eat until they’re full. I give them a variety of nuts, fruits, leftover meat, hot dogs, sunflower kernels, and etc….but their favorite treat has to be popcorn, and since my son works at a movie theater, I’m never out of fresh popcorn. Some of the skunks that come have been coming since they were babies, so I get to know them well and can tell them apart by their markings. This year I have 5 little baby skunks who I believe have recently lost their mother because they all hang out in my backyard alone until sunrise while the other babies who come leave with their mom’s. The 5 orphans live under my neighbors shed that is right up against my fence, so at least I can keep an eye on them. I just hope people will quit treating skunks as these evil creatures whose only purpose in life is to spray them, give them rabies, and to destroy their yards. It’s simply not the case at all. My advice to people is to just leave the skunks alone and they will never bother you at all. In fact, they’re actually good to have around your house because their favorite foods include mice, any and all insects, and other critters you might not want invading your yard and home.

  9. I don’t think skunks are like ferrets!  Skunks don’t stink!  LOL. They are THE sweetest little critters, for sure!  Love em!!

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