Funny Dog Walking On Two Legs Compilation 2017

Funny Dog Walking On Two Legs Compilation 2017


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  1. So rude! I wonder how hurt they are now! I do not think it’s kind to hurt dogs! Just TO MAKE THEM WALK ON THERE BACK LEGS? ONE DISKLIKE FROM ME!

  2. This aint cute when u know, they are getting abused to do the things you may think is funny. its really not funny when u know the truth

  3. This is terrible!
    They are not souposed to walk on 2 legs! Their souposed to walk on all 4!
    And after learning about the abuse they go through, its just sad!
    This needs to stop!

  4. Hope the owners find the videos about cruel reality and have a change of heart. Serioulsy!! Dogs are just like us!! How would they feel if the dog did that to them instead?? The owners should be arrested!! They are hurting these dogs!! And it feels like hurting a human!!

  5. This isn’t cute at all, this is really sad for people to think this is entertaining and adorable, these poor dogs have been treated without care and were forced to walk like this, it is NOT funny or cute. This is animal cruelty and it needs to stop now. People these days just don’t know how to act right. Some people are just major dumbasses to treat a dog like this.

  6. Funny…..WHAT can I prefer ABUSED??? I am not trying to be mean I’m just..Sad for those dogs

  7. This is terrible and inhumane. They’re beating and abusing the dogs just for attention. Th8s title is misleading. This is not funny.

  8. Not really funny dogs have to get beat for this a dog could die cause of this don’t post this for money u don’t even derseve the money tbh

  9. People Shouldn’t Force Dogs On Walking With 2 Legs Like Literally. They Should Have Been Made With 2 legs If They Were To Be….

  10. I can agree with you guys these people need to stop torturing their pets, like what the hell did they do to these people I don’t beat my dog to death to get them to stand this is not cute or funny

  11. Those owners will be going to hell look those dogs are so sad.
    If you think its funny have fun abusing a dog.

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