Funny St. Bernard Dogs Compilation 2017 – Funny Dog Videos

Funny St. Bernard Dogs Compilation 2017 – Funny Dog Videos


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  1. Omg did it eratate any one else when at the beginning of the video the girl carried the dog on his back.Poor dog

  2. Our St. Bernard walked into the kitchen, up to the counter, then swallowed an entire freshly-baked cake that was cooling. He never lived that one down.

  3. One big goofball of Love, thats how I can describe this gentle giants. Every owner of this beautiful breed expereinced at least once how does it feel when a 110 pound just jump in your lap.
    1:56 Mein does this every time tho’. 😀 😀

  4. I came to watch this show after getting upsad with seeing the movie "cujo" which st bernas turns monstrous after rabbies infected by bats. In final it get shot to death. I tear a lot. But after I see this show it makes me feel better.

  5. You jagoffs think that’s funny, I’ll put that candle up your ass and see if that’s funny, you people don’t deserve a dog.

  6. Uma grande variedade de animais apenas querem nossa atenção, nosso carinho, nosso respeito.
    E quando assim fazemos, somos retribuídos com atenção, carinho e agradecimentos!
    Cuide bem destes e recompensado serás!

  7. The St. Bernard puppies were adorable. The full grown St. Bernard in the sweat shirt with human hands, eating at the table were just toooo funny!!

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