Getting A Puppy? WATCH THIS FIRST! Adopt or Buy A Dog?

Getting A Puppy? WATCH THIS FIRST! Adopt or Buy A Dog?

Bringing home a dog or a puppy is such an exciting time, but where should you get your puppy? What are the pros and cons of adoption and purchasing? What are the warning signs you should be aware of when deciding where to get your new puppy or dog?

Also, in this video I’ll be doing a BREED REVEAL of my puppy!


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  1. After watching this video, I know that I am far away from owning my German Shepherd! I need MORE research. Great video!

  2. I would never trade out my pupper! Not for a German Shepherd, not for a Shiba, not even for a husky! He’s the best pupper I have ever met!!! uwu

  3. I believe that you should rescue if you know you want an animal that is sterile, but if you know you want to breed and you have enough experience then go with a reputable and responsible breeder and DO NOT buy from pet stores or a backyard breeder they breed their dogs because they are cute and do not care about health. They usually price the puppies very high prices. Responsible breeders go by the AKC standards and do not sell the dog for profit and they will make the new owner sign a contract that will tell you that if you can not keep the dog that you have to give them back so they can find a good home for them. They will also most likely pick the dog you get based on the temper of the dog they will also do some basic training and desensitize the puppies to normal house hold objects such as a vacuum. Some people think that you can only get purebred dogs through breeders but you can find breed specific rescues. That is my thought on buying or rescuing

  4. I look at dogs on Craigslist because there are a lot of people who can’t keep them anymore and are about to take the dog to a shelter.

  5. I adpoted to Chihuahuas not the best breed for me a 12 year old because they are a little agresive but they love my family and they are great with other people their story is very sad so that is why i got them

  6. I just want a female young border collie, can be a mix. But I didn’t realize that they cost so much, I need one from West Virginia or a surrounding state

  7. ADOPT DONT SHOP! Those animals have NO family and were either found on the street or surrendered from their own family.

  8. I’ve been wanting to find an eurasier to add to my family but I can not find great breeder so it may be years til I can

  9. In my opinion I would rescue/adopt as every time someone rescues or adopts another dog is being saved and has a nice home with a loving family and will have a safe place xxx

  10. There’s no responsible way to buy a dog. If you buy a dog you are making MULTIPLE shelter dogs homeless, end of the story.

  11. Just wanted make sure you okie hope life is good where you are now and remember that every her surrport you and that your inspire many people

  12. My first dog and Australian Shepard he was in my family before I was even born and he was the best ! He was from a very responsible good breeder and we loved him . Currently we also have a rescue dog and he’s also the best ! I think it is the best the rescue dogs but in then end as long as you give your doggie a happy healthy life that’s the best ❤️❤️

  13. Omg thank you so much for this video. I’m getting my Papillon puppy in a year’s time but I am already searching for breeders as we have organised that we will get it at a specific time so that we can spend a whole two weeks with it before going back to a busy routine. This really helped so tysm!!!

  14. I prefer to adopt instead of buying, in my family we always adopted our sweet dogs. And I try to change people’s mind of buying dogs at pet stores or from people who don’t treat it well, always buy a dog from a professional breeder that takes care of their dogs

  15. I want to know what’s like to have dog in a house.(like how Chaos what should I do to make them to be in control) I’m deciding to keep my two Labrador whether indoor or outdoor. T_T

  16. i hate the term "Kill" shelter. Kill shelters are not bad, they simply do not refuse an animal coming in, as "No kill" shelters always do. "Kill" shelters often don’t have the funding to look after all dogs. short story- don’t use the term "kill" and "no kill"

  17. These top notch breeders are a large part of the reason puppy mills exist. These breeders make people wait on a list for years sometimes just to tell them you get this dog and you have no other choice but puppy mills and pet stores let you pick whatever dog you want and buy it the same day (please note that I do not support puppy mills ) and rescue dogs often have problems that got them put into the rescue to begin with ( note that I have rescued many dogs from shelters as well )

  18. Adopt because there are so many that need a home and a lot of breeders don’t look after them properly. I adopted my cat and when I am an adult I will also adopt all of my animals

  19. Hey Creatures! Welcome back to my channel! Today let’s have a discussion about breeders vs rescues. Where do you sit on this topic? Have you had good/bad experiences with purchasing or adopting? Share your story in a comment! Also stay until the end for Kiba’s breed reveal!
    PS: HUGE Thanks to my bonus son for agreeing to let me use a picture of his adopted pit bull, Mayhem in my thumbnail. A big, sweet, gentle giant and a total goober! <3 xXx

  20. The video was very educational and I’m sure many people will benefit but I want to highlight a couple of things.
    1) yes, shelter dogs sometimes have costs (mostly due to vet bills being covered), but buying from breeders can cost a lot more and doesn’t even cover vet bills that would have to be payed after to fix the dog. Also the likelihood of genetic disorders due to inbreeding is higher if you are getting any purebred dog (adopted or not)
    2) no kill shelters accept any dog in their care, including the ones that kill shelters do not. If we care about animal welfare we should strive to adopt more from them to ensure dogs are put down just because they didn’t look as fancy. Breeding new dogs when there are so many that need a loving home is irresponsible at the degree at which it is occurring. I’m not trying to shame people who have dogs from breeders, but we really should have a position of encouraging adoption over purchasing from breeders.
    3) the environmental impact of breeding these dogs and creating what is essentially dog overpopulation can be overwhelming. Dogs often kill local wildlife and needless to say a lot of resources can go into producing specialised dog foods for highly specific breeds. Not to mention, top tier breeders aren’t everywhere so most of the time people need to travel rediculous distances to meet their dog and then again to buy them.
    Overall, I get that some people have very specific needs, but I think for the majority of people we should aim to promote adopting dogs from shelters rather than encouraging further breeding, overpopulation and genetic disorders when there are already so many dogs that need a loving home already. We aren’t running out of dogs anytime soon, so why are we so obsessed with making more of them?

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