1. He is joking. I have a labrador. Labradors are not a guard dog it is a hunting dog. Hunting mean not chasing a deer or a hare. It will fetch the bird which is shot down in the field.

  2. Bro, what food should be fed for retrievers? My retriever doesn’t have proper coat. How to maintain and help it gain good coat fur?

  3. Yen ma ela dog pudusha veetuku vandha bark pana tha seiyum ma idhuku edhuku training

  4. Dogs are not our slaves,dogs are our best friends,it can leave his life for us,don’t hurt dogs for silly comments.

  5. Hiiii Broo…. Plssss.. Labrador Pathi Knjm Information And Tarin Pathi solunhaaa Broo… Plssss… My Humble And Kind request too U… Naaa Lab Vangaa Poren.. Soo dhan Kekuren… Plsssss bro…

  6. dude.. i understand u wont speak in hindi but cud u pls speak in english atlst coz youtube videos are viewed all over the world. and we also want to know.

  7. Enda dai nariya subscribes vanthodaniya video podrathu utala evalo per unna nami comment adikiranga nee ya epdi pandra

  8. Labrador dog puppies original breed Yeppudi check pannurathu nu sollunga ji tamil la yarum indha video podala

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