1. We are here for homeless pets without a voice. People who adopt, foster, volunteer or just involved in the animal rescue community will appreciate our rescue stories documented throughout the U.S. that promote animal rescue awareness. If you are an animal advocate or simply just love animals follow our mission to end animal homeless through LIVE rescue story interviews on our channel, short rescue documentaries and so much more to come! So many amazing innocent pets are surrendered or abandoned on the streets left for dead. What are you doing to help? Follow our mission and be inspired by people just like you to go out and help make a difference.

  2. Madelyn Bernstein is a serial animal murderer, her and her employees at the SPCA are always involved with high kill shelters. The SPCA is the absolute worst place for any animal.

  3. A good percentage of dogs in shelters are owner relinquished, and most of those are because of behavior problems, either biting, out of control, or potty issues. Implementing a program of in-shelter training, and offering training classes to the community and adopters , post adoption could help keep dogs in their homes and out of the shelter.

  4. OMG This isn’t dating, this is a dog that could potentially kill someone. YES I want to know UP FRONT what the dogs history is.

  5. These dogs who are dangerous and who bite needs to be put down…period…human life is more precious than these animals

  6. You never, ever adopt a Pitbull from a shelter ….or otherwise.
    They’re there for a reason !
    Just Google Dog attack and see what breed pops up the most.

  7. Dogs are animals if you are not ready to handle a dog you should not adopt . At the same it should be mandatory to tell the past so the person who is adopting is ready to properly care for the dog .

  8. One time at my dads store there was a kitten stuck in one of our I dont remember what it was called but my cousins tried to help it get unstuck 3:26

  9. Shelters like this give all shelters a bad name. Things like this are why shelters are not trusted, and less dogs are adopted. Plenty talented, experienced people or rescues would be happy to take on these special bite cases. But being dishonest like this only puts people and the dog in danger

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