Ahhh I wish my grandmother was still alive to get me through this quarantine with her amazing food!


  1. I can SO relate to this, when I was in high school, one mate was Maltese, another was Italian and the other Greek, when we used to walk home from school, we used to first stop at my Maltese mates place, always food on the table and it was pastries on the table, "Come, eat, eat!", we would say goodbye then come to me next mates place – Italian, again, we would go in and it was "Eat, Eat" food was always on the table and would say good bye and come up to my other mates place –
    Greek, if it wasnt food on the table, it was home made coffee or a tea or a biscuit or something else – so by the time I got home,,,i was never all that hungry and my mother would say "Why dont you eat?!?! – you wont grow!,,,you dont like my cooking?" and I would always feel bad because i didnt want to tell her I already ate – and it was always home cooked and always DAMNED GOOD.

  2. Sebastian, look at you! You’re skin and bones. Here, eat your Grandma’s homemade lasagna. I’ve got another pallet of it in the kitchen when you’re done with that. Now eat up!

  3. my kitchen is the danger zone … i know i am not suppose to get to closer … do you know the dark lord set up this place… the refrigerater microwave boiler room …plus the set of spot light for the basement …how many …lucky that my boy he changed to be the economy before or else …

  4. My grammom used to call us over to her when we were kids and press a penny into our hand , close our hand up tight and tell us in Italian not to tell my Mother Cracked up when I heard yours did the same with a dime! Spot on!!

  5. I had an Italian grandma. I can’t get enough of his comedy. The amount of food that lady cranked out was unreal! She would cook us EACH our own chicken!

  6. My best friends parents were Italian and Maltese , what a beautiful custom my family got to participate in . I remember the first time I tried Grappa ! My eyes popped out like a cartoon characters complete with the steam whistle sound effect . Lmao good times
    Our door cuccina and surrounded by vegetables, , fruits and chickens .

  7. Love this!! I’m Italian too and so remember all that you talk about. Did you also get Brioski when your stomach was upset???

  8. If grandma wasn’t cooking she would be ironing underwear and socks. Then she would sneak out to play the lotto.

  9. My Nana used to wash our drinking glasses
    with Comet and rinse it out with her hand,
    can you imagine doing that today! Lol

  10. I can relate deeply. My nana would make tortillas and chicken vegetable soup 24/7. She was a tortilla master. To this day I have yet to find better food than that.

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