Green Iguanas 101: The Basic Green Iguana Care Guide

Green Iguanas 101: The Basic Green Iguana Care Guide

There is a bit of a void in the PetTube industry when it comes to iguanas, and by request, I am here to try and help fill that void! Here is the basic run down of proper green iguana husbandry.

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  1. Can I ask you what is a good bedding fir my iguana ?? I love your videos and your Katie is so beautiful

  2. There’s a neglected green iguana at my small town pet store and I plan on buying him and trying to nurse him. And if I can’t I at least want to make him more comfortable. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to help him much but I do know I can make a more comfortable place for him to stay

  3. I didn’t notice in the video but what do you suggest for substrate? I’m getting an iguana today and I have done lots of research and most people say that babies will/may eat the substrate. Some suggestions were alfalfa pellets which I have from my horse who didn’t eat them (it’s pure alfalfa, nothing else.) The one I’m getting is very young, a bit older than a baby. What do you suggest for substrate?

  4. I used to have parrots so I know how they need a lot of bonding. My parrots recently died but I’ve had parrots my whole life. Soon I’ll be getting a iguana a whole new species no where near a parrot but I’ve always wanted a iguana and will be starting off with a baby

  5. Do you think heat rocks would be best for arachnids and scorpions and such bugs just generally wondering lol !?

  6. Great video. !! Now if pet store employees were better trained to give buyers this information!!!

  7. what are all the lights and heat lights they need,, for night too, so how many in total? would I need 2 of one kind? also I love your channel!

  8. A question I have is if I’m using a heat lamp source for UVA , UVB and heat during the day would it be ok to turn that off at night and just have a ceramic heat source for the night time? Thanks. Informative video

  9. when you got him was he aggressive? how do you tame them? I got an iguana the other day and hes a baby hes very jumpy and bites and whips me a lot when i try holding and petting him, so how would i tame him out of that?

  10. Excellent video! One of the best I have seen. I live in Florida and am rehabilitating a juvenile green iguana that my dog tried to kill but I got to him just in time. #williethegreeniguana I love lizards of all kinds

  11. Hey please, I need help! My dad just came home with an approximately 2 month old iguana. So far we’ve given it squash (though idk if it has eaten anything). I’ve tried to place big plants for its hideouts and I’ve accompanied it to take in direct sunlight in our garden (where I live we are usually around 84-89 degrees Farenheit) . I’ve tried to artificially make the place more humid by spraying the terrace by hand with a spray (we’re still working on this). So far the only thing I have no idea what to do about, is the balance with calcium, any kind of directions on this regard would be very much appreciated.

  12. I watched this other video explaining how green iguanas are horribad pets…. cool animal, terrible pet

  13. do you think I can get a 40G instead I’m looking to purchase one have already found a 4-5 month old iguana and it’s only one feet

  14. Just got my baby green iguana yesterday, I’m a first time reptile pet owner and decided to get one because he is my only animal and I am willing to spend the extra time and love to give him a good life!

    I have a UVB light bar to give him natural sunlight, a Fluker’s Mini Sun Dome 5.5 Inch (100 Watt heat bulb 120V) to get the temp to rise above 80 degrees and lastly a mini halogen night lamp with the red halogen bulb for when its bed time.

    I have a food dish I put food in when I get home but I personally have not seen him eat yet. Yesterday I tried kale and a little bit of tomato but had no luck. I have nothing for humidity to "fog" up the tank (but its at 50-60% humidity by itself) I have a little pool tub the size of half his cage with lukewarm clean water in it, which I dont know if that’s enough for him to stay hydrated and humid….

    I already spent time and money putting this project together and the internet is terrible for trying to learn how to take care of iguanas properly, and I really just want him to eat.
    Is he not eating because he isnt happy? I held him yesterday for atleast 15 minutes yesterday and today, ontop of letting him explore my room a little bit as well for fun and to get him comfortable living here.

    Im scared hes gonna die from not eating and there was no poop in the water bowl yesterday 🙁 please help this is really giving me mini panic attacks why wont my iggi eat like isnt he hungry???
    I feel like an awful pet owner right now and he keeps trying to escape the cage everytime I open the lid.

  15. did you make your own iguana cage with tubes? how did you do that? and what are the size requirements on your cage and how large is your iguana and what sex is yours? I think you.mentioned a male?

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