Greyhound Pet Profile | Bondi Vet

Greyhound Pet Profile | Bondi Vet

The Greyhound is a very old European breed of dog, a sighthound which has been historically bred for coursing game and latterly Greyhound racing. The Greyhound is not an aggressive dog. Greyhounds are quiet, gentle, and loyal to their owners. They are very loving creatures, and enjoy the company of their humans and other dogs. They come in all colours. Their average lifespan is 12 years. Greyhounds live most happily as pets in quiet environments. Greyhounds have a sensitive nature, and gentle commands work best as training methods.

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  1. Greyhounds are the sweetest most odd dogs I have ever met! Unfortunately most people go into what they think is easiest and adopt a lab or something of the kind. The thing is greyhounds’ pros far outweigh the cons and here’s
    -They are very cute dogs
    -They’re fine with being alone during the day
    -They’re couch potatoes so they don’t require walking all the time(doesn’t mean you shouldn’t walk them)
    -They’re very quiet generally so you shouldn’t have to worry about them barking all night long
    -They are sweet and will form a bond with you over time
    -They’re generally (not always) good with small children
    -If you got an ex racer they would be one of the cheapest dogs (at most places ranging from $100-$200)
    -Some ex racing greyhound adoption places do things like…
    De-sex them, teach them lead manners, get them registered and basically do everything you would need ,which *would* cost tonnes of money, to get a new dog
    -If you adopt an ex racer you could be saving a life as some of them are put down soon or immediately after racing
    -they generally don’t jump up or find their ways under things

    -their prey drive (some of them don’t even have much of one and some places train them to be comfortable around other dogs)
    -It’s hard to get them as puppies (only if you want a puppy)

  2. Do you think this is:

    Btw many people think they are ugly cause they are skinny and have no hair or something but that does not mean I think they are ugly

  3. Oh dear, more false information. They did not come from the middle east. The hounds on the tombs, etc are more likely to be pharoah hounds or salukis.
    Greyhounds also feel the heat badly and can over heat if over exercised.
    The muzzles were for during the race. They run with mouths open to draw in more oxygen and any accidental contact can rip their very thin skin. Also the muzzle will stop injuries should they catch the lure.
    The video itself, the most disturbing is the child hugging (with death grip) the hound around the neck. Dogs do not like this – some will put up with it, others won’t and will warn. The body language of the poor hound in the video was not comfortable at all.
    Bondi Vet, please be more vigilant with your videos and commentary.

  4. Once you have a greyhound you never go back to another breed…..greys are so gentle….they become very attached to you-if you give them time….They love you-if you deserve it….they do not"function" like a shepherd…they obey if your commands come in a calm manner and are not screamed at them…And then there comes a time when you think…..this grey must be reading my mind…and you realize that you probably never before had such a close companion…..

  5. If you wish to adopt a greyhound and live in England go to the retired greyhound trust website and find your local kennels

  6. I have had two the first one called Sadie and she was a Beautiful brindle but she raced 50 races and won most but she attacked the cat that was in 2014 but the second one was Lulu she was a blue greyhound and never raced cat friendly but had home anxiety so yeah sh was 18 months and Sadie was 4 years old I got both from @greyhoundadoptionswa

  7. The thing she said about them having to wear muzzles because they get nippy is not entirely true… The wore muzzles while racing to protect their sensitive mouths

  8. They are gentle and affectionate. Sleep about 18 hrs a day. Track greyhounds are essentially housebroken out of the box , but need to be taught to go up and downstairs. They have probably have never seen cats or dogs other than greyhounds, so they take some time getting used to them. They are great family pets.

  9. Putting a muzzle on greyhounds is nuts, not only are they non-aggressive they may be the least aggressive. They rank very low in both aggression towards humans and dogs.

  10. Is it possible to teach him to chase only wild animals like hares, rabbits, pheasants but not pets?

  11. I had an adopted Greyhound (retired racer). He lived to be about 14, but finally died from terminal Cancer. You mentioned how they couldn’t tolerate cold, but while that may be true to some Greyts, it wasn’t true for Flying Carl. He loved running and romping in the snow, and would stay out for longer periods than normal. We had a cat also, and he got along fine, and also spent time with dogs of friends. He was the best dog ever. We miss him very much. Always adopt rather than buy from breeders. There are way to many great dogs on "death row". Save a life and adopt.

  12. I live in Spain (sorry if I’m wrong in any word, I do not know much English) and the greyhounds are used for hunting and for competitions … when the hunting season ends the owners usually kill them in very cruel ways, such as Throw them into wells … only those who are lucky are abandoned. Fortunately there are associations to pick up these greyhounds and have them adopted. I have adopted.
    Greyhounds are very good and loyal.

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