Healthy Diet for Pet Rats | Rattiepedia: Episode 12

Healthy Diet for Pet Rats | Rattiepedia: Episode 12

What can rats eat? How do you keep them healthy? What kind of food should you feed them?





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  1. My rat Oscar recently passed away. He turned 1 on May 2nd of this year. I went away for the week for Mother’s Day when it was Mother’s Day. I get a call From my aunt telling me he passed sway. I asked her if she fed them and my moms cousin and my aunt said they did. So I’m crying trying to figure out how he died because he was healthy. I come home a night later and then they finally tell me they never fed him. I was so mad and sad. It upset me so much.

  2. I have 10 girls, I have guinea pigs and hedgehogs too.
    I make food for all of them (except the hedgehogs, they get insects and cat food).
    I was surprised to hear about red cabbage, because my girls are always sneaking it off the Guinea pig’s plate.
    The pigs don’t get it everyday, and not in large quantities. How harmful is it to my girls?

  3. *Cries in British*
    In all seriousness, though, this is a really good and informative video, and I’ll definitely know what to look out for when I’m buying rat food. Thanks, Rat Guru!

  4. Hi, could i ask if science selective supreme rat food is OK righ now, in 2019? I live in Czech republic and the selective rat food is the only available rat food in here from the best rat pellet foods. No oxbow, mazuri and so on. Thank you very much

  5. Hi Rat Guru! I love your channel! I’m looking into rats, and I always come to your channel when I have a question! One question I have is what are some good brands of lab blocks?

  6. I use oxbow lab blocks, but I scatter feed seed mix to encourage foraging and travel around the cage. I also treat with raw gmo free pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and split dry peas to help grind their teeth. They love meat baby food(which I give to my baby Peaches) and crackers/noodles.
    I actually have raw cocoa beans, is that okay for them?

  7. i tend to make my boys a home mix. my boys arent picky at all and they love trying new things. i tend to stick to their favs that meet their diet needs and spice it up occasionally. its fun to watch them get excited about new things 🙂

  8. I tried warning people about kaytee and wild harvest because of this video in a rat group I’m in and I got attacked by all kinds of people for it. Including one saying they were an animal nutritionist saying that they aren’t bad foods and there is no proof it killed any pets.

  9. My boys get Oxbow Adult Rat Food and a baby carrot a day. Sometimes they get peanut butter or cheerios, but sometimes Robin tries to eat out of my trash can tho XD

  10. I hate to rain on your parade but feeding your rats just a lab block is not a Heathy diet this gives them no options or variations which could lead to them to stop eating eating they may get bored of they same thing every day and just stop and mixes are fine and if your rats are picky or you don’t know a great thing to do is use a mix and sprinkle a bit of healthy lab blocks in with the mix. You see rats need variations and options rats are highly intelligent and yes some may be picky but feeding them lab blocks are not the answer.

    Also you should hardly ever feed rats chocolate and once a day with a whole square is way too much.

    Sorry if this seems like alot and please don’t get offended I’m just trying to help you for the future

  11. Looking for bit of advice? My rat has was looks like hind leg degeneration due to age and it has become difficult for her to hold her food to eat, even with our help. Is there a wet food that she could have regular to make it easier for her? Thanks in advance

  12. rats aren’t vegetarian. Not once did you suggest meat. Yet go on about how junk food is ok sometimes but didn’t mention meat once.

  13. Hi, have you thought about this kind of diet plan known as the Fenoboci Diet Plan? My buddy says it helps people lost tons of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed a lot of good review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  14. Seed mixes (homemade) are actually good for rats. They provide more enrichment and scatter feeding can really reduce any selective feeding. I would much rather feed a good seed mix over a lab block. Also, why vegan dog food?

  15. Hi I would like to know if the oxbow mouse & young rat is actually safe for rats? I have learned from you alfalfa isnt good for rats, and it says in the ingredients contains alfalfa meal

  16. I didn’t know about the dried corn! My girls had one piece each today, it that a small enough amount not to matter? Or should I keep an eye

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  18. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS RATS< STAY AWAY FROM KAYTEE ANYTHING> FUCK that company to the end of time. THey are GARBAGE and DO NOT care about your pets.

  19. So I feed my rats tops prime edge dog food. Its 22% protein and 12% fat. To me they seem super healthy and happy, with none of the symptoms listed. My boys are chunky bc they love food but they’re also more active than my girls (who are normal sized) so I dont worry about their weight.

  20. My rats never eat the blocks sadly and they don’t chew enough and the nearest vet that will work on rat teeth is 60+ miles away

  21. Thanks for the recommended dosage of dark chocolate for best benefits! My trio are about 5 months and have been on Envigo/Harland teklad. My former boys ate Oxbow but these little guys didn’t like the young rattie formula. Now I’m glad bc of the alfalfa! Anyway, I’ll be looking into Native Earth or Mazuri since these boys tend to be picky!

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