Here's how you can help overcrowded NYC animal shelters

Here's how you can help overcrowded NYC animal shelters

Calling all animal lovers! Animals across the city need help – and so do the Animal Care Centers of NYC.

The care centers are getting up to 100 animals a day, and shelters in all five boroughs are already at capacity with more than 600 dogs and cats.

“We usually see a big spike in cats – this year, we are seeing a spike in dogs, which is unusual. We are not really sure why we are getting strays, owner surrenders. All of our locations are really full right now,” said Julia Lubbock.

Volunteers are working overtime, and kennel space has been cut in half to make room for adult cats, kittens and dogs big and small, young and old.

They are even taking in rabbits and all kinds of reptiles – including two large pythons.

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  1. Guess what the shelters are overflowing because shelters make it nearly impossible to adopt a dog all the way down to requiring people to let the dog on the bed n be there 247 blah blah blah. This is the shelter directors faults for allowing ignorant requirements instead of allowing people to provide a loving home.

  2. Why don’t these shelters know about "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary" ? They are dedicated to ENDING shelter euthanasia!!! They have their own land where dogs and cats are only a fraction of the animals there …. Tens of Thousands of acres!! Its just GORGEOUS ! Do the right thing by those furbabies and animal enthusiasts. Get them to Best Friends .. They have great vids on youtube.

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