His BIG CONFESSION!! SHOCKING REVEALS on Twin My Heart Season 2 Reunion w/ The Merrell Twins

His BIG CONFESSION!! SHOCKING REVEALS on Twin My Heart Season 2 Reunion w/ The Merrell Twins

Did you think we’d forget to do a Twin My Heart reunion? NOT A CHANCE.
The Merrell Twins Try VIRAL TIK TOK Life Hacks *THEY WORK* – https://youtu.be/atCoxA04JRg

The Merrell Twins, Franny, Nezza and the season 2 contestants are BACK together: spilling tea, throwing shade and revealing secrets that made everyone’s jaw drop. 😅



→ Talent Credits ←
Merrell Twins Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/merrelltwins
Franny Arrieta Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQ7zqr9cWlvnPLq2GSS-1A
Nezza Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/VVVSAYSDANCE

→ Crew Credits ←

Director & Producer: Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez

Supervising Producer: Katherine Martinez @KatherineLauren

Executive Producer: Vanessa Merrell @VanessaMerrell

Executive Producer: Veronica Merrell @VeronicaMerrell

Executive Producer: Paul Merrell @ThePaulMerrell

Editor: Meredith Veach

Production Manager: Lauren C Brooks

Production Coordinator: Tina Poston

If you see this, comment below on your favorite moment or reveal from the reunion. 😁

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  1. We could have Roni and Aaron go then plot twist they pick each other! Jk, we should get Brooklyn the twin on the show!

  2. You should do roni or Crawford, they seem like they would make their week fun for everyone and it would be cool to see who they would choose

  3. I think the brothers would be so funny to match up, it would be so hilarious with both denzel and dustin on the show x

  4. The rybka Twins cause y’all are friends with them and I don’t think they’re dating anyone correct me if I’m wrong but I think we should have them

  5. Anyone else’s hands get super sweaty during this entire video? Cause I’m dying!!! The tension is so overwhelming!

  6. you should like do 13-14 year old by it could be like family friendly and it could like be kinda cute for season three

  7. OMG. The tea! It’s HOT! Who else missed this cast?! Who do like seeing the most and did they SHOCK you!? Twin my heart foreverrrrrrr

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