Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Here’s an easy to make, balanced, homemade, adult dog food meal.

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  1. Does anyone know what I can use instead of hemp seed oil and kelp? That stuff is impossible to find where I live, I swear. It has me incredibly frustrated lol.

  2. Should I make this for my 9 month old dog ? I feed him kibble atm but I want to start feeding him a raw diet would this be a good start ?

  3. I wish I could do this but it would cost me $952 a month to feed my dogs this.

    I have 2 Basset Hounds. One 60 lbs and one 45 lbs. between the two they need 3,238 calories a day which is about 5 servings of this a day. After googling the prices on the ingredients and breaking it down into the ounces and how much per ounce it’s $34 a day to feed my two dogs this.

    I wish I could but I’m a bartender. That’s more than I spend on rent. And I currently feed them Acana which is almost $100 a bag.

    Maybe one day.

  4. Just recently I was watching several dingoes preparing the evening meal, fresh vegetables and supplements are an integral part of wild dog nutrition. I was amazed at the fire starting skills of dingoes and their ability to fashion a frypan from local iron ore deposits. Dinner conversation was centred on the need to find fresh avocado for breakfast.

  5. Hi.
    First of all…too much vegetables.It should not be more then one ts.Dog are carnivours and can not digest large amount of vegetables.Also..half egg shell is not enough calcium for your dog.It is not the same kind of calcium as it is found in chichen bones.You can add egg shels but chichen bones should be # 1 source of calcium.

  6. My dog should be eating less than a pound a day, which is what this recipe makes. Is she still getting complete nutrition if I make this recipe, but give her half a day?

  7. Won’t the eggshells hurt their belly? Im new to this and want my little dog to stay healthy. Whats the worst that could happen when they eat bones, chicken feet, eggshells etc. ?

  8. I’ve three questions.
    1) Has anyone here use this recipe for a 80 lbs dog and what was the cost for a week meal? If you have what changes was made if any.
    2) What can be use for egg replacement? My dog is allergic to eggs, brewers yeast, bakers yeast and chicken.
    3) Does anyone have experience with malassezia? I’m trying to help with serious malassezia (yeast infection) on dog. I’m starting a carb-free diet but worry dog may not get enough calories without grains or starchy carbs.

  9. Recipe MIX IN BOW Cook or Raw) – Shopping List
    1. BEEF GROUND OR TURKEY GROUND- MUST BE LEAN 90% (Grass feed best my comment 🙂 ( 14 Oz))
    2. HEMP SEED OIL ( 2 Tsp) OR HE|MP SEEDS (3 Oz)
    3. COD LIVER OIL (1/2 Tsp) OR SARDINES (1/2 Can)
    4. GINGER (Powder) (1/2 Tsp)
    5 EGG 1/2 Tsp)
    6 KELP (1/2 Tsp)
    7 EGG (1/2 Tsp) – Save 1/2 shell for blend below

    8 BLEND the following in food processor or blender or hand blender
    a. EGG SHELL (1/2 Egg Shell) crush or blend
    b. BEEF LIVER (1 Oz)
    c. BROCCOLI (1 Oz)
    d. SPINACH (1 Oz)
    e. BELL PEPPER (1 Oz)

    Organic, Grass Feed, pasture Raised, NonGMO, Fresh, even better, but otherwise, buy as you feel best for your dog.

    9. MIX all together and serve (Raw -make sure fresh or Cooked)

  10. ever since this grain free/raw trend has sky rocketed there have multiple cases of cardiomyopathy.Especially in my favourite breed the Miniature Schnauzer. Dogs need to have grain in their diet.

  11. Thanks so much for the recipe! I’ve been making my own dog food for years and it’s super easy. I use the supplement Azestfor to make sure my pups are getting everything they need. It’s super heathy and I just mix it right in. I love that more and more people are doing this for their pets. So important to get them off of commercial dog food.

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