Homemade healthy dog food for my English Mastiff

Homemade healthy dog food for my English Mastiff

No, I’m not suddenly a dog food cooking channel, I’m still a nail art channel😁
but so many people messaged me about
what I was feeding Penny I decided to do a video.
I spent under $25 to make 22 quarts of food that will last 15 days for Penny and Sam.
But, if you watch sales and ask at your local stores you can do it much cheaper.

Ingredients included in this batch:
Whole chicken, boiled and de-boned including 4-5 cups of water used to boil it.
3 lbs of Hamburger
3 lbs total chicken hearts, livers, and gizzards
green beans
butternut squash
split peas
chick peas
brown rice
9 duck eggs
48 oz. of beef and chicken broth
cooked about 4 hours at 300 °
*****other ingredients to add*****
powdered egg shells

Dessert or treat (equal parts)
freeze in cubes, or just in a bowl
plain yogart
peanut butter
pumpkin puree

Also freeze dried apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, strawberries are great healthy treats.

Amount of food your dog should have. 40% of their weight in ounces. so a 100 lbs dog would need 40 ounces or 5 cups a day.
like us, if they are not active they need less. *****talk to your vet about you dogs diatary needs!***


  1. Oh dang that’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen homemade dog food like that. Most people just do chicken or duck and rice. We had a black lab akita mix, she was the most wonderful dog we had. We called her tubby tubby 2×4. She ate anything not nailed down. Whatever our 25 yr old was eating, she had to try it too. My husband buys baby carrots at Sam’s, yeah huge bag. She would sit and eat those like treats with him. We gave up buying her treats and just gave her carrots and green beans and she was happy. She loved when I got deer, I’d make deer jerky and make some just her without seasoning.

  2. I’ve had to make "meat loaf" for a dog that was on a special diet, and was glad to do it. I have 5 dogs, all of which are "road pups", and I’m so glad Penny has you. Not very many people would make dinner for their "pets". You’re a very special person!!

  3. We dealt with food allergies with our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Samson. Switch dog foods a couple of times then had him tested for allergies. He was allergic to chicken, rye grass pollen, and fleas the had sensitivity to white fish. We did well on Blue Buffalo dog food until a few years ago then switch to Costco brand dog food that was the higher grade. He at that until he past away at almost 17yrs old.

  4. Omg I’m getting an English mastiff and know that they love their food but that could be expensive. I know know what we will be doing to feed them know!!!

  5. I have been feeding my English mastiff raw chicken for 3 years. And a mixture of different cans of iams and kibble. Have had great success.

  6. Good info. Just got myself a great dane mastiff mix aka Daniff… he is only 2 months old and is on purina large breed puppy food for now but the stories I’ve read and heard in my research on issues these huge guys have always goes back to their diet and I’ve been trying to get as much info I can on what I can do to avoid as much as those issues. Definitely copying this recipe down and give a try.. thank you

  7. You’ve done your homework! I love this. Before I was having mobility issues I was raw feeding my cats. I would make a month’s worth and leave it in the freezer. It would take me 5 hours of work for a month. Penny and Sam are going to be so healthy! Great job Guylene! I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam looses a bit of weight from eating good.

  8. I make pretty much the same recipe for my doggies. Oats is the only grain I use though. I also use some good kibble but they are so spoiled they don’t eat that very well anymore
    Your cost is amazing – "$25 to make 22 quarts of food that will last 15 days for Penny and Sam".
    I stock up on all when it’s on sale, and I use chicken, beef, turkey, pork, and mix the beef with one other meat. I buy whole cuts and grind it in my food processor. ALSO, I only cook the meat enough til it’s JUST cooked through so the nutrients don’t get cooked out.
    They both eat raw chicken thighs, bones and all. The bones only splinter when they’re cooked.
    If you have a quality meat grinder you can grind the whole chicken before cooking – lots of good cartilage in there good for bones, skin and joints.
    Bone the chicken before cooking and use it to make bone broth to use to cook the veg and grain.
    Also, I make 1/2 cup burgers and freeze them on a tray then put them into a freezer baggie. They really like this in the summer – cool and crunchy.

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