1. Thank you for your video is very helpful. I’m hoping you can help me with my situation. 3 years ago, I was living at at my daughter’s for free as I’d help a little with the kids, cooking sometimes and cleaning. One of her clients asked me if I could house and sit 2 dogs for a long weekend she was going to pay me $50 per day. They were so extremely happy and so was I as I live on a disability pension the extra money was very helpful. They asked me to move in to their suite and as they go away 6 months per year plus when they are in town, they go away many weekends. I moved and didn’t realize I had to pay rent. So for 3 years I’m taking care of their home (8,000 sqft) plus their pups, who are extremely demanding and the owners expect me to watch them 24/7 even when they go outside to pee. Completely fenced yard and paying 500 per month in rent. She gives me things she no longer wants, but I don’t need them, I take them because I feel bad saying no, I usually take everything to the salvation army. Am I just a bad greedy person who wants to get paid? If I am not being greedy how much should I ask them? I thank you in advance. (both pups are on meds and vitamins)

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  3. I am in Oregon, retired, I charge $50 a day, weekends vacations etc.  Daily to water or walk depends how far I travel  etc.  I don’t see this as a business, but, can make a few thousand or so a year.

  4. Great job, good info for every new dog walking pro and just enough marketing to educate without over selling.

  5. In the title "How much to charge for dog walking…." yet no specific info on how much to charge (or why). At the end…. "If you want to be a franchisee with us you don ‘t have to worry about all this pricing stuff… and we can tell you down to the penny how much you should be charging" Well I don’t need a parasitic franchiser. Would you mind not making misleading videos to prospect for host franchisees and deliver on your claims? By the title and content of this video alone, I’d steer clear of your slimy asse’d operation.

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  7. I’m 15 and I wanna start a dog walking business but it has begun to snow. Would I be able to walk dogs including my own?

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