How Rescue Dogs Are Helping Veterans With PTSD | National Geographic

How Rescue Dogs Are Helping Veterans With PTSD | National Geographic

Rescue dogs are literally saving the lives of veterans struggling with PTSD. According to a study by the Department of Veterans Affairs, an estimated 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Understanding what soldiers can suffer when they come home, whether it’s post-traumatic stress disorder, injury, or other trauma, the nonprofit organization K9s for Warriors pairs veterans with dogs rescued from kill shelters. The dogs have been rigorously trained to give the vets emotional, mental, and physical support, helping them regain their confidence and independence. Both soldier and dog get a second chance at life.
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PRODUCERS: Sasha Ingber and Jason Kurtis
VIDEOGRAPHERS: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo, Jason Kurtis, and Sasha Ingber
EDITOR: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo

How Rescue Dogs Are Helping Veterans With PTSD | National Geographic

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  1. Thank you, it’s one day at a time.

    I am blessed to celebrate another birthday on Monday, sober.

    My girlfriend, Casey and I are doing fine.

  2. I’m 16 with ptsd and my pittie saved me and I saved her she was a bait dog she has a scar on her nose I love her to death we both comfort each other

  3. this is awesome and dogs are more than pets. i am a car wreck victim, but i will never compare my trauma to a war veteran that came back from many wars…but what i go through and went through…the major surgeries..the near misses of not coming back…hemorrhaging in ICU after my car wreck and flat-lining a few times…it effects you even though you made past that. i used to try to go shopping and people would just stare and stare..and stare until i snapped and took off my bandage and shown them what they want to see…"take a picture!!, it last longer fkers!!" i wish they had this type of program for people who suffered from PTSD. this is such an awesome program. i was almost in manic-depressant state..i didn’t want to be around anyone….at all.

  4. what about PTSD after a relationship with Sociopath? dogs & cats are instruments of God. It’s helped me & I took off with the dog who also has dog PTSD from the same man who beat him & left him starving in the yard, bald & his ears were so badly infected he couldn’t stop vomiting.

  5. All of the service dog videos I’ve watched show such positive outcomes. Why is this not the rule and task of all prisons in US and Canada?? Lord knows we have enough dogs and inmates all over North America. With proper set up and the endless help of volunteer animal rescue groups the cost should be little or nil. Such a waste of resources. Who and where to start?????

  6. my dog makes life possible, better than any crap VA gives out (if you can get in) only there isn’t any housing for vets with issues and a dog. Many vets stay homeless because we will not give up our dogs like the gov gave us up

  7. Veterans can really tell you some horrifying things when it comes to war, that they seen and did, its insane to think that they survive those things, they were put through and it probably haunts them that their friends they bonded with durning the war, who didn’t make it out in one piece, or died a horrible death.

  8. I did my bit for God & Country in the Air Force. Many years later, I was diagnosed with Aspergers. I have a 1/2 Cattle Dog, 1/2 Border Collie mix who is my LIFE! He always knows when I’m feeling my worst and is there with an upwards nuzzle of my hand. He ALSO alerts when my Blood Sugar goes too low- He was NOT trained for this-He does it NATURALLY! He has saved my life TWICE that I know of! He’s on his "downhill" now, and I expect by next Christmas he will be gone. There are times when Nekoda is my ONLY friend!

  9. Mi vida qué hermoso perrito está hermoso precioso cuídalo mucho es todo un ángel cuide lo cuídenlo pobre está bien si Dios quiere y va a estar vien si Dios quiere

  10. God bless those men and women for what they have done for our country! Thank you and I hope you all live happy and full lives!

  11. That kind of thing thing should be public policy, you know.

    Rescuing dogs from the streets, from bad homes and owners, from abandon situation and so on.

    Then, train, treat them properly, so they could be able to help people in need, whatever need It could be.

    Thnx for sharing!! Really awesome!!

  12. I just happened on this video but three years ago I was homeless, penny less and suicidal / homicidal.

    I was taking my meds and attending twice a week individual cognitive therapy. Which was possible because I was living under a bridge two blocks from the front gate of the VA hospital.

    During a session my therapist told me that her husband who is a vet also, whole outlook changed when they got him a service dog.

    After she called the VA police and had me involuntarily hospitalized in a locked unit that looked and felt like a prison for a month to stabilize me.

    When her and her husband helped me to get a safe place to live and my own service dog.

    Like the soldier said in the video. The title pet is just not big enough to express what Casey means to me.

    I am doing much better now, thank God. My family members are still not accepting my calls.

    Casey and I are just a couple of strays that nobody wants. That doesn’t matter because we have each other.

    Wishing every one a happy Veterans Day.

  13. To whoever put a thumbs down on this video…

    You don’t understand how it feels to be mentally alone, how to think of suicide as freedom, how to depend on a dog to live.

    Life is a struggle and you should respect those(including me) who are struggling ever harder.

  14. I’m interested in knowing how in what ways the Veteran/Dog relationship helps with the symptoms of PTSD. Great video as well

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