How service dogs play a vital role in rehabilitating veterans

How service dogs play a vital role in rehabilitating veterans

Last year, a poignant photo put the spotlight on service dogs that help our military veterans. It showed a dog named Sully at the foot of the casket of former President George H.W. Bush, whom he loyally aided in the final six months of his life. But Sully is just the best-known of the legions of dogs doing this important work. Don Dahler reports.

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  1. Nebula Wolf on October 31, 2022 at 10:36 am

    Needs a link for donating to the volunteers who train these dogs.

  2. Gigi Schuster on October 31, 2022 at 10:54 am

    Still waiting on Service Dog Facility for my needed Service Dog for my Civilian PTSD and Hypoglycemia. Unfortunately no Service Dog Facilities for those like me in MI, and have to look outside of the State. It costs $15,000 and up for a Service Dog. Being on disability doesn’t help, so I have to in humiliation ask those around me to help through fundraising and having CPTSD for 39yrs and waiting for my life to heal and move forward. Its humiliating and embarrassing when asking others to help cover the cost for Service Dog that otherwise would not be possible. We have dealt with intergations by a few facilities and said because we had 2 dogs despite them being well behaved and good with other dogs and cats as we have 4 cats they said " Not a Veteran then you can’t have our Service Dog from us if your a Civilian living with CPTSD, even if your pets task and are documented for ESA and have proof the only ones that 2 facilities I talked to said "only Veterans and 1st responders are allowed a Service Dog through them, reguardless if the person already has pets as a Veteran, but absolutely NO to civilian, a double standard if your a Civilian with PTSD/CPTSD" which I am. Its gutrenching to pay outta pocket $$$$$$$ of money in a year and half to Service Dog Facilities to be turned away because your a Civilian, because they are only taking 1st responders and veterans, because you also need the CPTSD dog to help you in Medical area of Hypoglycemia, because you have pets reguardless if they behave well and are great with other dogs and cats.
    Its gotten to the point I have told my boyfriend if the one in AZ. says NO I will hand back all the money donations and suffer in silence as a Survivor of CPTSD I don’t want to be a burden to others and don’t want to be a charity case when there is no hope to be accepted for a Service Dog I need, I can’t keep going through this. Even if we have the 1st $5,000 for the Service Dog I’m on Disability for my CPTSD and Hypoglycemia/Hypokalemia and how could I ever shamefully ask others to help me with costs to go down to AZ. Service Dog Facility both the plane tickets for us to go there and the expenses that are for food and the 2 to 3 week stay down there. I don’t get my hopes up anymore and at this point if the one facility in AZ. after dealing with multiple facilities that require a fee $$$ to submit application and an additional fee$$$$ just to get foot in the door and be online or phone interviewed is expensive. Seeing this makes me happy for that girl and yet I feel jaded trying as hard as I can with support of family, friends, neighbors that I may just not ever be accepted.

    There is a lack of facilities that are willing to help Civilians with PTSD/CPTSD, but plenty grants, assistance and facilities for Service men and women along with 1st responders. Just as this double standard in goverment to help those who need a Service Dog they play it up to help a select group aka Veterans, while ignoring Men and Women who are civilians and of need for a Service Dog. Our society likes to play double standard on who they allow places with a Service Dog thanks to the media belief of only 1st Responders and Veterans can suffer from and have PTSD when thats absolutely discrimination of the civilians who have it as well and are harassed for it " because they didn’t serve so they can’t possibly have PTSD/CPTSD"…..WRONG! I get this alot thanks to social medias bias on who should be represented with or have PTSD/CPTSD and rarely ever see a story on Civilians with it attaining a Service Dog which pushes social ignorance if you have one as a civilian and try to go out and about.

  3. Kole Armstrong on October 31, 2022 at 11:20 am

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