How to Bend and Cut 20 mm PVC Conduit (90 Degrees Bend Using a Bending Spring)

How to Bend and Cut 20 mm PVC Conduit (90 Degrees Bend Using a Bending Spring)

Students trading aid on how best to put a 90 degrees bend in PVC conduit and cut and square the ends. Includes a full demonstration on how to bend PVC conduit to 90 degrees keeping the bending radius at 2.5 time the diameter or bigger.

Videos are training aids for City and Guilds (C and G) and EAL courses Level 1, 2 and 3.


  1. hi,
    love to see your channel im electrician from the Maltese isle we have the same rule as you as Malta is an ex colony of Britain but we work slightly different but as i use a lot the spring and so how you hook up is totally wrong sorry to say this but i work a lot with it ,l hook it up totally different l pass the wire true the spring so when you pull out the spring you close the spring instead of open because it also,l like to bend the pipe on my knee find it lot easily great show you have keep it up

  2. Useful information for us armatures who don’t do serious installing, didn’t realise the black conduit could be bent just by a bit of friction heat. Planning to add a second outside light and have used glued joiners in the past.

  3. Best tip I was given is don’t let the bend decide where it wants to settle. Slightly over bend and then, with the spring still in, jerk it back to 90.
    That way the pipe won’t slowly loose some bend and leave you with 85.
    We did thousands of “hockey sticks” and never had a single one that wasn’t still at 90 when it finally got installed.

  4. Rather than carrying three different tools to achieve a clean finish on the conduit, why not use the rothenberger conduit slicer. Less weight and less time wasted titting about with all the tools. Plus you can perform the cut with the conduit in the hand aswell without needing to rest it while you cut.

  5. Great tool for bending pvc i use it too but it is not common here in the Philippines i sold my bender when i was in midle east

  6. Elbows are best, someone had a video with hot sand? I have tried hot water, what electricians use in the UK is either a 20mm or 25mm garage spring slid down into it with a bit of single core wire and bending with your knee.



  7. In reality we dont really do it like this,but this is for students.I have never seen that tool to correct the inside of the conduit.
    But then i am not a englishmen or american.I am a Dutch electrician.And that warming is only needed when its cold.Normal temperature and it goes fine without.Except for the halogenfree conduits.They are more brittle.

  8. Wow your PVC is WAY more flexible than what we use in Canada. I have to heat PVC with a heat gun here till it goes "noodle consistency" then bend and let it set to cool in that bent radius. After it cools you cant really flex it much.

  9. Good point on saddle spacing 300mm from boxes and corners.

    18th Edition requires metal saddles all rooms and corridors to prevent access priblems in the event of fire.

  10. Commenting from America, I’m a California state certified electrician. This is totally different from how we do things very cool to watch and see how other countries do things

  11. Depends on the pvc conduit how easy it is to bend. Some are softer than other brands. In winter definitely warm the pipe.. Or it can shatter.

  12. You say 20mm conduit and a 20mm bending spring?, my conduit is 20mm but a 20mm spring will not go inside as the internal size is 15mm

  13. Hi GSH Electrical; I’m electrical engineer and have 15 Years of field experience in electrical installation & erection. I like your tutorial videos and I was thinking how can we collaborate and establish a full training centre here in Kuwait?

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