I hope this video is somewhat helpful to you if you’re currently trying to bond with your mice, or thinking of getting mice in the future! I’ve had it pretty easy as my mice came from a breeder so were already quite friendly and wanted to interact with me, just remember that every mouse is different and will take different amounts of time to become comfortable with being handled!

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  1. I got a male mouse a little over a week ago, I gave him some time to get comfortable in his home (a 40 gallon tank) and he seems very happy in it! But as far as handling him it seems that he’s absolutely TERRIFIED. I’ve tried with treats, food, and just my hand. He won’t even come near my hand. He sees it and runs or hides. I have tried a lot of different ways but I haven’t had any luck at all. Should I give him more time? Or do you have any advice for my situation?

  2. Any tips for my mice? They never come on my hand themselves even when I put my hand flat for ages in their cage

  3. I need some help. I have a male mouse who came from a pet store (we couldn’t get access to a rescue or breeder) and I’ve had him for about 5 months now. I cannot pick him up by hand, so I usually have to put some treats in a toilet paper tube and pick him up when he goes inside. I need to do this because each time I just let him investigate my hand, he ends up biting me and occasionally drawing blood. I tried this daily for 8 weeks and he just would not stop biting my hand, which is why I gave up on that. Can I get some reasons as to why this happens?

  4. Your Chanel is really good thank you!
    Maybe can you help me have you heard about such a thing that there are king of smart mice and not smart ones that one can learn tricks and the other can’t.

  5. New sub here! Loving all the videos on these beautiful creatures.Also gotta say your make is absolutely stunning sis

  6. my fancy mouse refuses any human contact.. he will take food from me but as soon as he sees a hand that is treat free, he bolts. how can i fix this?

  7. I’ve had my mouse sugar for 6 mounths now, and I nory don’t take him out or play with him daily but I do every weekend when I have time, I’ve tried alot of things to bond but no matter what I do, he bites me every time I let him out and let him run around on my lap with a blanket or in our square space, he bites me, I have no clue why, can any of you who see this help me? I Don’t do anything after he bites me, I just pull my hand away and continue to let him run around and I don’t know what is causing him to do this.

  8. Hello, I have a huge question. You see, I have a mouse, Shadow his name, from PetSmart. Had him for three weeks, gave him his space, been careful and started introducing my hand in his cage leaving food on my hand, his bedding on my hand, or a treat at the base of my wrist. Is it normal that he bites me? Like he nibbles a bit too hard and kinda eats the skin off my fingers. This happened with my mouse before that which I was never able to bond with and completely disliked me and my smell. (That one from Petco) what can I do to stop this? I already took him to the tub for the first time today and he didn’t bite anywhere by my skin except for the tip of my fingers, which this time were covered by socks because I became paranoid.

  9. is it normal for some to give a little nibbles? they definitely aren’t bites just nibbling, thank you

  10. "Sleep cycle" was good advice. They live in a different tempo to humans. Sleep time for us may be play time for them.(even when they’ve one). We need our sleep to do what we do. In the morning they love breakfast & cuddles. (breakfast 1st, but that’s how it goes). Thanks for a good video. You are sharing knowledge.

  11. whenever i try, she just bites me. she doesnt run, she just bites me, sometimes to the point it hurts. is this normal?

  12. I just got my mice today. I got 4 female mice today but whenever I come into the room they go into hiding but I guess I’ll leave them alone for a while

  13. So I have a dog and a cat I might get mice my cat was fine when we had rats so I think she will be fine but will my dog get along

  14. please reply! I got four mice from a breeder about four days ago. They live in the alaska cage and I’ve made it very busy because erinsanimals said they like it like it like that. On the second day, i lowered my hand in and they ran away! even though they were handled since birth and were tame at the breeder. Will they calm down when they settle?

  15. I just got two female mice a little over a week ago and they are very very young. They lived in an over crowded cage at petco. They will lick peanut butter from my finger and occasionally climb up my arm, but they bite! With or without food. I know mice are super super docile and I was wondering if it’s because they are young, curious, or aggressive?

  16. I just got a female mouse ( don’t worry I’m getting more tommorow)
    And she is like pearl very outgoing and cute

  17. I want to get mice so I’m doing a lot of research on them and everybody is saying don’t get them from a pet shop but the only place I can get them from is a pet shop since there is no breeders or rescues, so if I do get them from a pet shop and they do have bad tempers and aren’t very tame what should I do?

  18. I got 3 mice from the pet store and you can tell they were never socialised. It took me 6 months to bond with one of them and the rest freak out at the sight of a hand. I worry they were abused at the store.

  19. Found your channel looking for info on rats, totally fell in love. Your channel is so informative and super helpful.

  20. i can’t find a breeder near enough to me that still have texel mice, do you have any suggestions to breeding places i can get some from, or suggest where u got yours from?

  21. Where do you get a healthy pet mouse? I can’t find breeders or rescues near me, and if I buy from a pet store I’m afraid it will be very timid.

  22. I got a mouse. From a breeder but. Not a good one. I didn’t no this
    In till going there and getting to how she keped them in tiny bins. No bedding or. Hide or. Wheel. Just food and water. This is. It. But I still go my mouse from her. ( sorry )

  23. Finally someone who uploads more frequently about mice! I have a question about using wooden hides and toys etc. How often do you disinfect yours and how long do you let your mice use them before cleaning? And would you recommend disinfecting them when your first buy them before giving it to your mice

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