How to build your own Websites and Why Joomla is the Best Option Available


Websites are required for various purposes like managing a social community, writing a blog, for ecommerce and managing news or content. There are several options available while trying to learn to build websites. But what is the best method to build your own websites?While building websites you could either do server side coding in any one of the programming languages, do designing in html using tables or css or choose an existing open source framework to build websites. Learning a programming language and designing with html using css could be a tedious task. But there are some options available to build your own websites where you need not write a single line of code.But what are those options and how much do they cost?The best option to build your own website is to use an open source framework which is available free of cost. But how do I know which is the best open source framework to build websites?The best available open source framework available these days is Joomla. It is an open source content management system which is used in over 40 million websites. It has been downloaded 15 million times from the official website It contains over 5000 modules or plug-ins which make any feature possible in your website, be it multi user or multi lingual website.You need not have any programming knowledge to make websites in Joomla. You may not need to do a single line of coding while making websites in Joomla still you may have a feature rich website. Joomla is operating system and browser independent platform to build websites.Content is the king, so there is article manager in Joomla for adding content like blog posts, news etc. to a website. We are given complete control of how and where our articles are going to appear on our Joomla site. Joomla is broken into two main pieces, the front end and the back end. The front end is what the user sees and the back end is for the administrator. Joomla has provided 5 basic building blocks namely Sections, Categories, modules, templates and menus.A Joomla website can also be made search engine friendly by using a SEF component. We may even add polls to your website using this excellent open source framework. It also has extensive library of components and modules apart from community supported forums. You may get answers to your queries related to Joomla from over 200,000 users of this open source content management software in various forums.We recommend you to join a Joomla course so that you may learn the intricacies of this framework which will help you to build your own websites and make money online.

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