How To Certify A Service Animal

How To Certify A Service Animal

A service dog helps a person with a disability-like blindness, and is welcome in all public places. A therapy dog is trained to provide affection and comfort to people in places like hospitals. An emotional support animal helps a person with a mental health or emotional condition. CBS2’s Dick Brennan reports.


  1. There are service dogs for mental disabilities tho too like ptsd, disabling anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

  2. Not all disabilities are physcal, I have a service dog that helps me matane my seizures and my PTSD among a few others things, try to remember not all disabilities are physical

  3. Service dogs can be for mental illnesses too.My service dog is trained to help mitigate my anxiety, asthma and panic attacks. You can’t see anything physically disabling about me, but I still need a service dog to help me out with my day to day life.

  4. Also not all service dogs are perfect robots either, I seen my friends service dog have minor mess ups but still is under control, she is also working on the issues

  5. You sure can tell who is lying about it. If the person isn’t able to tell you the task the dog performs for their disability: FAKE! If the dog is out of control, barking, lunging, not potty trained: FAKE!

  6. everything is true, except a few things. First, using Certify, isnt the best word choice. You dont certify service animals. They dont have certifications, ID’s or licenses. Next, an ESA can be kicked off a plane if the species violates policy or if the animal is unruly. Same with service dogs, though they cannot be denied access, they can be kicked out of the dog is acting unruly (barking, peeing, not heeling). The best way to tell if its a service dog, is to watch its behavior, as well as the handler’s behavior.

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