how to claim local dog grooming google business on appthatthing

how to claim local dog grooming google business on appthatthing

What Google Wants, Setup Local Dog Grooming Google Business and App. How to Video Marketing Templates?

How to setup a Turnkey solution local Dog Grooming Google Business, create branded Video Marketing and build Hybrid Apps to help Grow Your Local Dog Grooming Business!
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Simply Verify your Google Business and Claim Local Business with us. We’ll setup the Location pages for your local businesses or organizations.

Searchers use Google and other search engines to find information about a local business. Common queries include:

Finding the location of a business or the nearest branch of a chain, Opening hours, whether to find out if the business is open now or at a future date (such as holiday opening hours):

The address of the business, The opening hours, The phone number

Like any content Local Business want to surface in Google search results, good location pages are easy to crawl by Googlebot and their content is easily indexed.

What Google Wants:

The main problem is that most folks don’t seem to know this exists. The guide is a easy read and is certainly worth a read, but the main takeaways are as follows:

Location and branch details available on individual pages. Location pages are crawlable by Google. Information should be presented in an easy to understand format.

Typical information on these localized landing pages would include: Address, Business hours, Phone number, Services available at that branch

** We create a Turnkey system for you: **

What Is Video Marketing? – How our Turnkey solution can help you!

Allow me to explain why video marketing is so crucial and why you absolutely need to integrate a video marketing strategy into your promotional agenda.
These days, businesses are spending less money advertising on TV than online.

You could suffer the consequences of losing to your competitors if you should come to the decision that video marketing is not that crucial to your marketing campaigns.

If you are not incorporating video marketing into your campaigns, think about this.

Would you rather have the 1000’s of possible customers online watching you or viewing the video creations of your competitors?

What Is Google My Business? – How our Turnkey solution can help you!

The new Google My Business dashboard will eliminate this confusion by allowing you to manage your company information across all of Google’s platforms, including Search, Maps, and Google+.

It’s a one-stop solution that should help you simplify the whole listing management process in the going forward.

Accessing the dashboard is easy. How to Get Started on Google My Business follows: Getting started is simple.

1. First, visit the following link:
2. If you already have a Google Places or Google+ Local account, just sign in. Your listing should have automatically been upgraded to Google My Business.
3. If you’ve never done anything with Google before, then you’ll need to choose our link below “Watch this Quick Start UPDATED Video”, It’s GREAT!
You’ll be taken to the following screen:

How Mobile Apps Can Grow Your Local Business – How our Turnkey solution can help you!

Customers want to be able to perform a variety of different tasks from their mobile devices whenever they want – wherever they want.
This demand has lead AppThatThing, LLC to move full speed ahead in the mobile app creation market.

As a local small business owner, mobile apps should strongly be considered when identifying possible strategies that can help you generate more customers, sales, and profits.

If you look around, most of your customers are already glued to their mobile devices when visiting your establishment.
So why not take additional measures to keep them coming back by utilizing these personal mini-billboards?

People are spending more time using mobile apps rather than browsing through the internet on their personal computers.

Planning and having a mobile app developed isn’t difficult.

Contact for a no-obligation consultation if you would like to know more about mobile applications so you can decide if they’re right for you.

We offer a Turnkey Solution to inlude Video Mobile Ads for your Local SEO Marketing Mobile Media Website.

Simply Verify your Google Business and Claim Local Business with us. Thank you, and

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